The Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge: Day 3

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge
Day 3
Holiday Decor!

This is our 1st year being in a house, so I am beyond excited to get to decorate it for Christmas this year and even spent some monies at Hobby Lobby recently to get some stuff to add since we have more space this year!

Let's start with our tree:

I bought this 6.5ft pre-lit tree from Walmart when I was in college for $30 one of our 1st years in the apartment - I couldn't go without having a tree! Last year we pulled (read: cut) all the pre-lit lights off it as too many had burned out and just bought 2 strands to put on. It's easier this way since all we have to do is replace a strand rather than waste time if some lights burn out.

I decided to keep it simple this year and just put up the fun ornaments, only higher up so Jay can't pull them off. Normally I have blue and gold shatterproof balls I put up as well as some silver garland, but not this year... maybe next year when he's bigger!

My parents have a pool going on who's going knock it over first - Jay or Tiger! So far Tiger's only climbed up in it once. Jay crawled over to it and touched the bottom but didn't seem to have much of an interest!

And the ornaments:
I have the entire Puppy Love series, aside from the new one for this year
The rest of our ornaments
Jay's 1st ornaments:
Elmo with a present tree
A snowman with Jay's name on it (well, "Jay" since we'll never find anything that says "Jaydran")
Guess How Much I Love You bunnies with book replica
Baby's 1st Christmas 2011 picture ornament

Our Dallas Cowboys' ornament that my mom gave hubby for Christmas one year
Our 1st Christmas as a married couple Precious Moments ornament
The nest I made in Sunday School when I was really little and always paired them with the doves. When I moved out, my mom decided just to give me the doves to go with the nest. I always enjoy finding the perfect spot for these guys each year!
My little mouse. I've had this one FOREVER and remember sneaking it off the tree once when I was little and sleeping with it, I loved it so much!
My ballerina angel. I've had this one since I was a kid too! Sadly, her arm broke off a few years ago =(
This is a new one for this year.
It's 2 big stockings with a smaller 2011 one and says up top "...and baby makes three!"
Our star!
It's glitter, which I *hate* but doesn't seem to get all over everything.
(Thank God! I *hate* glitter - as we said in art school, glitter is the herpes of arts and crafts!)
We got this baby at Hobby Lobby a few years ago!
The rest of the decor:
Our fireplace and mantle!
So glad we got this in time for the holidays! I LOVE having a mantle to decorate! And everything on it is new!
Jingle Bell tree - Target
Medium size Nutcracker - Hobby Lobby
Nativity Scene - Hobby Lobby
Dallas Cowboys Snowman Family
And the stockings I picked up at Bed Bath and Beyond and Hobby Lobby on clearance after Christmas last year. Jay's is the one in the center, obviously.
Corner end table decorations
Snowman I took from the "give away" table in our old apartment complex
Partylite Holly Lites Aroma Melt Warmer (with Gingerbread scent from Yankee Candle)
Nativity snowglobe
My Partylite set with Poinsetta and candycanes with Iced Snowberries tealights from Partylite
Holiday Eeyore, Pooh and Tigger keeping the loveseat warm (with Tiger in her usual spot)
Samantha's all decked out in her Christmas story outfit!
I got this guy from Hobby Lobby - I *had* to get one of these countdown things!
Advent calendar
Finding one without Santa plastered all over it was hard!
My new Yankee Candle Gingerbread jar with decorative top
I have a friend who sells PartyLite another who manages the Yankee Candle store at the mall. My Yankee Candle friend has "shop with my discount" sales several times a year and since PartyLite doesn't have just a straight Gingerbread scent I stocked up at Yankee since she gets 50% off wax! I've already burned 1/4th of this jar though and it's not even December yet! Definitely thinking I should have picked up 2!
At my kitchen sink I have the Bath and Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel moisturizing anti-bacterial hand soap with a holiday-themed holder
Holiday potholders (Gingerbread house and Gingerbread man) and red and green Christmas light hand towels, all from Target!
Next to my upstairs bathroom sink - Yankee Gingerbread tart and tealight in my bathroom aroma warmer (from PartyLite) and Bath and Body Works Iced Gingerbread moisturizing anti-bacterial hand soap (which smells sooooo good!)
The wreath on our front door that my mom gave me years ago.
The lights on the house!
We still have to put the ones in the front bush, as the outlet needs worked on there.
These are blue, twinkling icicle lights. Sadly though, none of our neighbors have lights up yet!
How do you decorate for the holidays???


  1. Aww, I love your Puppy Love ornaments.

  2. Aww...I had a Samantha Doll when I was a little girl :)

    Careful with the Poinsetta though, they are toxic to kitty's if they nibble on them too much!

  3. Oh it's a fake poinsetta that I got in the fake flower section at Hobby Lobby - I can't keep real flowers around here because she gets into them =)


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