Fun with Our Phones #14

A few days late again... oh well!

Jay figured out how to put the rings on that toy!
I thought it was an interesting number - 61616
We had him try some chicken nuggets for dinner

So much for that!
Tuesday night, after I had cleaned my house, my stupid cat decided to jump up on the fridge... well she missed. And decided to try again... missing again and this time knocking over hubby's birthday Brandy and a full, unopened bottle of wine as well as our babysitter notepad. The wine bottle shattered all over the floor and my kitchen reeked of wine! I got all the glass up but that was a good 30 minutes I would have rather not have spent cleaning up this mess!
Once again, Jay's 1st visit to Chuck E Cheese!

Winning with daddy!

Saw these in the Gordman's Black Friday ad and had a good laugh - they're obvious Disney Princess knock-offs! Only difference is that some of the names have been changed, lol...
Jay's 1st Thanksgiving!
Playing with Bear
Creating Hurricane Jay
The aftermath of Hurricane Jay, lol...
Trying to get daddy's beer bottle
Jay's plate of Thanksgiving feast
He had a few pieces of turkey and just a bite or 2 of everything else before getting tired and fussy and needing to go down for a nap!
Happy Thanksgiving!
"Look at me, mommy! I'm in ur cabinetz, bangin' the potz!"
"Someday I'm gonna be a Jedi..."
Hubby put some lights up on our house - still need to get the ones on the front bush working, but that's an outlet issue we're working on.

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