Plenty to be THANKful for, Day 9 (Jay's 1st Thanksgiving)

The past few days have been quite busy for us so I'm doing these last 2 posts back to back!

Manic Mother
Day 9: Thanksgiving!

As previously mentioned, we usually rotate whose parent's house we go to for Thanksgiving. This year was our year at my parents'. It was also Jay's 1st Thanksgiving too!

We watched the Cowboys beat the Miami Dolphins and then enjoyed a tasty dinner made by mom (with rolls by my aunt).

The tryptophan kicked in early for Jay though - he had a few pieces of turkey, a little stuffing, a taste of non-pureed corn and a little bit of noodles and started fussing. He was tired, so we put him down in the pack n play in the guest room and he took a little nap while we finished dinner. When he woke up he ate some of his baby food and his bottle and then ate a good 1/3 of my pumpkin pie (yay for someone besides me in this household liking pumpkin flavored stuff!). He was spitting up a little bit on and off for the next hour or so though (oops - mommy overfed him!)

After dinner, once food settled and we were able to have room for dessert, we stopped by 1 of hubby's brother's places as his parents just came into town and his mom cooked dinner for hubby's side of the family over there as most of the family lives here in town now. We figured we would just stop by and say hi, but we got there as they were just about to eat, so hubby had 2nd dinner while I tried to keep Jay occupied (he was tired, but there was too much going on and so many people that he didn't want to miss anything!).

Here's some photos:

Happy Thanksgiving!!
Playing with Bear
He was pulling plastics out of my mom's cabinets earlier and
accidentally smacked Bear with one in the head! LOL... Bear got
him back though later when Jay was crawling on the floor and Bear tried to
playfully nip his ear like he would other puppies, lol...
Awaiting the nom nom noms
Hurricane Jay - he got a hold of the 3lbs of Black Friday ads
while we were waiting for dinner and went to town, lol...
 Later than night, when we got home... in the split second it took me to take the wipey off his wee-wee and pull up his diaper to the right spot, he peed on me. He hasn't done that in months! I screamed out of surprise, hubby came to assist and when I thought Jay was done I pulled the diaper down again to switch it out... and he sprayed me again! He got my shirt, wrap and jeans I had on! Doh!

Anyways... this brings us to my next post....

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