Glee: Did they go too far this week?

So apparently I hear there's been quite an uproar about this week's episode of Glee.

This week's episode, I'll admit, was quite sexually charged compared to the majority of the episodes.

(spoiler alert - stop reading now if you haven't seen the episode yet and plan on doing so!)


This week was the big school musical of West Side Story that's been the focus of the show the past few episodes. While rehearsing a number as Tony and Maria, student director Artie feels Rachel and Blaine are lacking the sexual passion of the song and inquiries about their 1st times (both however are virgins, as are faculty co-directors Guidance Counselor Emma and Coach Beast). So the focus of the episode becomes Rachel deciding whether or not to sleep with her boyfriend Finn; Blaine and Kurt deciding whether or not to make their relationship sexual; and getting the man-ish Coach Beast to finally accept a date from an attractive college recruiter she's liked for years but felt she wasn't pretty enough for.

The Coach Beast storyline was humorous and sweet - when the attractive  recruiter finally asked her one last time (at the suggestion of Artie) she finally broke down and explained how she felt a guy like him could never be interested in a woman like her - he's the type of guy that could have any pretty girl he wanted. He told her he wasn't interested in pretty girls, but rather pretty women like her (despite her man-ish appearance which has caused her a lot of pain in life, she does seem to have a genuinely good heart).

The other storylines are what people are upset about.

Well, at first Rachel decides to sleep with Finn so it would help her with the musical number, which when Finn finds out, upsets him (obviously). Trying to figure out why she wants to do it, she pulls together the other Glee members and asks about their first experiences with sex. Santana, Brittany and Quinn all tell her to wait, which sounds good to her... until Tina tells what a great experience her 1st time was with someone she loves.

With Kurt and Blaine... when Blaine visits his former show choir, the Dalton Warblers, to give them tickets to the musical, his replacement, another gay male named Sebastian, shows an interest in him. They meet up a few times just to talk, including at the coffee shop where they run into Kurt he begins to get jealous. Wanting to live a little and be a bit more adventurous with their relationship (as per a prior conversation they had in Blaine's room), Kurt accepts Sebastian's invite for them to join him at the local gay bar for dancing. Kurt stays sober while Sebastian gets Blaine drunk and in the parking lot Blaine physically tries to get Kurt to have sex with him, despite their prior discussion on waiting. Upset at the fact that Blaine just spent half the night dancing with Sebastian he tells him no and Blaine walks home. Later though, they make-up.

The episode ends with both Rachel and Finn and Kurt and Blaine in bed together (respectively that is, not all 4 together), on the verge of having sex.

People are in an uproar apparently about how the episode seemed to focus on teenage sex and specifically gay sex.

Honestly, they didn't show anything more than they hadn't already. There was no nudity from the shoulders down and all we saw was the prelude to implied sex. Yes, they were teenagers. But hello, this is Glee - when has this show not had implied teenage sex? They've mentioned Puck is basically a manwhore who is known for hooking up with the cougars whose pools he cleans (not to mention in the previous episode he shares a kiss with a teacher). The whole 1st season dealt with Quinn's pregnancy as a result of Puck getting her drunk one night. We've seen Brittney and Artie before and after sex. And how many times have we seen Mr. Shue getting with the ladies before the screen cuts out and it's implied he's slept with them?

And for the whole gay sex uproar... am I the only one that remembers the Brittney/Santana fling last season where they were in bed together, obviously just having finished doing something...? There was a whole episode devoted to Santana deciding she was a closet lesbian and upset that Brittney (who's apparently bi) chose Artie over her.

I'm not going to get into the topic of thoughts on homosexuality, but as far as Glee goes, this week's episode was nothing new.

Yes, like I said, it was sexually charged moreso than the majority of the episodes, but so was the Rocky Horror special last fall (Emma singing "Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me" to Mr. Shue ring a bell, anyone?) and I'm sure there's been a few other episodes that were quite heavy on the topic of sex.

While I know there are families who watch Glee together for the musical aspect of the show, let's face it, it's a dramedy, not a musical. The drama is what fuels the show and keeps us coming back for more each week - not the tunes. Yes, the singing is a neat aspect to it that many enjoy. But it is not a show for kids.

The majority of the characters on the show have had storylines involving sex. Like I said, one major storyline during the 1st season was all about Puck knocking up Quinn and her making Finn think he was the father til she fessed up. Mr. Shue and Emma have always had major sexual tension that seems to come and go. Plus, post-divorce, 2nd season Mr. Shue seemed to get around quite a bit.

So honestly, I don't get what everyone is in a tizzy about - the topic of sex and teenage sex is nothing new on Glee and in this week's episode, while it was implied, nothing was actually shown that hasn't already been seen on TV.

What are your thoughts? 
 Did they go to far or do you think everyone just has their panties in a bunch over nothing new?

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  1. I think they did kinda push the envelope this time because many teens look up to this show. Yes, they have mentioned sex a lot on the show previously (basically every episode) but the focus was heavy on virginity this time. Both Rachel and Kurt decided to go for it, and I think the message would have been better if at least one of them had decided to stick to their guns and wait. Not everyone does it in high school like Glee makes it sound!


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