Another Jaydran Funnie

The other night, shortly before Jay's bedtime but after hubby had left for work, I was sitting in the family room with my young teenage sister-in-law chatting while Jay played. Lady Girl (my in-law's dog we took in early last month) was sitting calmly like she usually does when Jay toddles up to her out of nowhere, pops his binky out of his mouth and proceeds to stick it in the dog's mouth!


Lady Girl got this "uh, what are you doing?" look on her face and promptly got up to get away from Jay and his silly antics.

Well, like any toddler on a mission, Jay goes chasing after her around the family room, binky in hand!

She lays down again, Jay catches up to her and once again tries to get her to take his binky in her mouth! At that point we had to tell him to stop, explaining that Lady Girl doesn't want his binky and we had to distract him with something else.

It was pretty funny though and me and my sister-in-law were cracking up!

I texted hubby and my mom - hubby's response was "/facepalm" while my mom stated that Jay just wanted to share his binky her; he likes it, she should too! lol...


I have some exciting news, everyone!

Many of you have been following our journey dealing with Jay's hydronephrosis (aka enlarged kidney problem) that he's had since pre-birth.

It was first noticed in utero, confirmed it via ultrasound soon after he was born, we visited the local urologist in town with some pediatric experience who ordered some (not so fun) testing at the children's hospital in Madison, and due to the nature of the blockage being abnormal (it was at the ureter tube end that's connected to Jay's bladder instead of the common blockage being up at the top near the kidney) we were referred to a pediatric urology specialist at the children's hospital up in Madison and were told that due to the blockage Jay would most likely need to have surgery around his 2nd birthday where they pull out the ureter tube at the bladder, snip it and then reattach it. After several visits in Madison, we learned the specialist was taking a position at the children's hospital in Milwaukee. Fortunately our insurance covered him at Milwaukee so we followed him there.

Eating some celebratory pizza
after his check-up!
You may remember me reporting last February, at Jay's last urology check-up 6 months ago , that there was a significant improvement with the dilation in his kidney and that it was possible that the blockage was opening up on its own.

Well this past Thursday we had Jay's regular 6 month check-up again - an ultrasound on his kidneys and bladder and then meeting with the specialist right after to go over it.

He said that as far as Jay's urology issues go - we can consider him cured!

He said the left kidney continues to look healthy with hardly any dilation and the ureter tube doesn't look engorged at all anymore! He said to consider it a temporary plumbing problem that has been resolved!

Guys, this is AMAZING news!

The specialist did tell us at the beginning that while there was the slim chance the blockage could open up on its own, it is rare and we shouldn't get our hopes up as we would most likely be facing the reality of Jay needing surgery to correct it.

Honestly, I had started to prepare myself for the reality of that, pushing it to the back of my mind until the time got closer. It helped that the specialist assured me that he had done the procedure himself (as he would be the one doing it) many many times and so far he has been successful with no complications - he had put me at ease.

But now, no surgery at all, no further testing either (which is GREAT because I have no idea how you get a 2 year old to cooperate when it comes to attaching a catheter to them, not to mention getting them to leave an IV alone or lay still for a 45-60min thorough ultrasound scan with using some kinda of sedative!). He wants us to come back in a year for a follow-up ultrasound just to confirm that everything still looks good but he said that unless anything comes back abnormal we'll most likely be meeting with the nurse practitioner so we can have a quick in and out visit.

I would like to thank ALL of you for your thoughts and prayers as we have been dealing with this these past 18 months or so - I know many, many people have been praying for Jay and specifically that the blockage would open up on its own so he wouldn't need to have the surgery  - it has been GREATLY appreciated!

For all of you out there who have been following us on this tough journey or if you stumbled across this post while trying to find answers to your own questions about hydronephrosis or other kidney/ureter problems your little one might have... let me just say that there is hope! While surgery may seem inevitable to correct it, I pray you have a great pediatric urology specialist like we did (Dr. John Kryger, based out of the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, Milwaukee) who recommends waiting a few years to see if the problem corrects itself first. It is a rough journey, especially with some of the testing your little one has to go through (please feel free to click the "hydronephrosis" label at the bottom of this post to read back through some of what we've gone through these past 18 months in regards to this), but I hope that if anything, I have given you hope and comfort in knowing you're not alone when it comes to this.


A friend posted this on Facebook and I must have missed it when Jill (@thenerdybird) linked her article earlier, but here's one for Game of Thrones fans - kitty (named Arya, btw!) meows the theme song! LOL... like Jill says in her post, it's kinda reminescient of those crazy Jingle Cats (and dogs!) that "sing" Christmas tunes.

Check it out! It had me cracking up!


Jay's Day Out with Thomas!

Yesterday (Sunday) we took Jay to meet Thomas and Sir Topham Hatt!

HiT Entertainment with MegaBlocks held the annual event again
this year at the Illinois Railway Museum in Union, IL which is roughly about a 45 minute drive from us. I had first heard about it a few years ago when hubby's brother and sister-in-law took our oldest nephew to it as, like Jay, he's loved Thomas for years. This was the first weekend for it this year as it continues next Saturday and Sunday. They had a bunch of different booths and stations set up around the railway museum grounds - a Thomas merchandise tent, a local firefighter booth, a tent to watch some Thomas videos or hear stories, mini-putting greens, and a tent to get temporary Thomas and Friends tattoos! You could also get your picture taken with Thomas between train rides (yep - you could purchase tickets to go for a "ride" on train cars pulled by Thomas) as well as pictures with Sir Topham Hatt. It was really neat!
 As we pulled up to the railway museum grounds we got stopped at the train tracks that go around the parking lot and lo and behold - there was Thomas going past us! Jay got the biggest grin and made a face like "Oh yeah, that's Thomas, that's my pal."

 Thomas at the station, between train rides

 Jay didn't want to take his eyes off him!

 Daddy, Jay and Thomas

 Mommy, Jay and Thomas

 Riding on a train car pulled by Thomas
Jay was doing good until the family sitting in front of us pulled out their brand new Thomas toys, opened them up and proceeded to play around with them. Naturally, Jay being a toddler, he wanted them so we had to struggle with him for a good bit to keep him from diving over the seat to get at the toys (he had his own Thomas train toy with him but he wanted theirs!). He also wanted crackers during the train ride after they had told us no food or drink on the train.

 There's Thomas coming down the tracks!

 Jay got Thomas and Percy temporary tattoos on his hands and just like last week at the fair when he got a Jolly Green Giant one, he promptly proceeded to rub at them, lol...

 He couldn't believe it was Sir Topham Hatt! He didn't want to take his eyes off him!

 Sir Topham Hatt, Jay and Daddy

 Jay started touching him, lol...

 He started babbling nonstop to Sir Topham Hatt, it was really funny!

  Sir Topham Hatt, Jay and Mommy

 Thomas running down the line

Processing the events of the day
 And he fell asleep on the car ride home

 Jay's loot - we got him the reusable Day Out with Thomas bag and this year's annual wooden train car (a Quarry car) to go with the set we plan on collecting when he gets a little bigger. He also got a certificate after going for a ride on Thomas that makes him a Junior Engineer!

This year's annual wooden train car... which I already found in the dog's water dish this evening!

Jay had a great time with a huge grin on his face for the majority of the time we were there. We definitely plan on taking him again in a few years when he's a bit older! If you have a tike who loves Thomas and you're interested, be sure to check out the official Day Out with Thomas site to see if Thomas and Sir Topham Hatt are coming to a railway museum near you!

And because today is  Monday, here's the only other photo I took this week:

Hubby's sis turns 14 next month, however she's huge into the Hunger Games and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I was going to take her to the midnight DVD release of Hunger Games at Walmart however her and her dad took a spur of the moment trip down to Springfield for a few days and weren't back in time so I went with my sister and got it for her (I had to do some grocery shopping after work while there anyway). This was the setup we had waiting for her on the kitchen table when she got back into town. We got her the 2-disc Walmart set which included trading cards (she got Effie Trinket!) and a Mockingjay pendant and we also got her a Twilight Sparkle plushie. We figured we'd give it to her a month or so early that way she wouldn't go out and buy the movie before then (we know she's been dying to watch it again!). She loved her gifts and we're glad =)


Jaydran funnies

A couple "amusing" stories of Jaydran lately:

A few weeks ago we were going grocery shopping at Walmart (hey, we're on a budget and they have the lowest prices on the stuff we buy). Normally if I pass a cart return on our way in I'll grab a cart and push Jay in it to the door. This time however I got a super close spot so I just carried him to the sidewalk and let him hold my hand as we walked to the entrance. Well, I hate our Walmart shopping carts as it almost always takes me several tries before I find one that has both safety straps or one where both straps have a non-broken clasp. This was one of those times. As I went to grab cart #2, Jay let go of my hand and took off running towards the entrance, out to the parking lot! I started yelling for him to stop and come back - I caught him just as he was going through the door! Continuing my search for a "working" cart, I plopped Jay down in the basket of one of the broken ones. Gave me a bit of a scare there, running out the door!

This next one happened last weekend - my parents gave me a coupon for a buffet place in town so we decided to go. I had gotten a plate with some salmon on it and set it down on the table (where hubby and Jay were seated with my father-in-law and one of my brother-in-laws that joined us) while I went to go get a drink. I come back moments later and notice that 1 of my 2 salmon pieces are missing. I asked hubby if he ate some and he said no. I asked him if Jay ate some and he said he didn't think so... then he mentioned he did see Jay reach towards my plate. We opened his mouth up to see if he shoved it in there, as he did have a full mouth but no - he was stuffing his face with popcorn shrimp. Then I looked in his highchair and lo and behold, there was my piece of salmon, stuffed under his butt in the back of the highchair! That little stinker! He stole my salmon and hid it under his butt! LOL!


Birthday List 2012

My birthday is on the 29th - I'll be 28 this year.

And honestly... there's not much on my birthday list.

The big thing I wanted - a new vacuum (which was the Bissell Total Floors Pet) - we already bought last month as our current vacuum was not vacuuming up ANYTHING, defeating the whole purpose of a vacuum.

When hubby asked me not too long ago what I really wanted I jokingly said "My house back" however I was only slightly kidding... I don't mind my sister-in-law staying here, as she has been better about picking up after herself in the common areas, however we've let her have the run of the mill in the rec room and it is a bit messy... plus football season is starting soon and the big TV with HD is down there and hubby and I would prefer to watch our games on that since we're paying extra for the HD and all... and my father-in-law... well, he still continues to leave trash and dishes all over (although not as bad as before, but still) and his nightly panic attacks are starting to wear on me as well... we were thrilled to hear they were doing home equity loan related stuff last week as we're hoping they'll get moved into a place of their own here in town rather soon. Not that we want to "kick them out" but our house currently isn't that big, half the time hubby and I can't get more than an hour or so of "alone" time (or "me" time on nights hubby works) once Jay goes to bed cuz my father-in-law's panic attacks keep waking him up and then he comes and joins us... and it's not like we can go downstairs to watch whatever together or even in our own room as my sister-in-law's staying downstairs and Jay is sleeping in our room. So prayers they can get moved into a place of their own soon would be much appreciated!
As for an actual list... well, here's what I have (again, it's not much).

These Swarovski crystal blue on black earbuds by chicBuds - for some reason their official site is no longer selling the variety of earbuds they once had, but you can still find the now discontinued styles on Amazon. What I like about these is that they're retractable so you don't have to worry about the cords getting tangled up wherever.

The Tigger Movie on DVD - I have this one on VHS but never got it on DVD. The rerelease comes out the week before my birthday which is nice as the sellers on Amazon have been trying to sell the DVD version of the VHS one I have for nearly $40-50! I just want it on DVD as we no longer have a VHS player and Jay seems to enjoy Winnie the Pooh!

Tomb Raider Trilogy for PS3 - I've been a Tomb Raider fan since it first came out and have various versions of the games on both PS1 and PS2. Our PS2 isn't hooked up though (and hubby doesn't plan on hooking it up ever) so this is a nice (and affordable) collection of some of the Tomb Raider games. It includes Legend, Anniversary and Underworld (which I haven't played - wish it was Angel of Darkness instead though).

http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41yN88ruO9L._SL500_AA300_.jpgThe Game of Thrones Targaryen sigil coffee mug - I like the Starks (most notably Arya and Jon Snow) but Dany is really growing on me, she's quite the strong woman!

Once Upon a Time season 1 DVD set - this one comes out the day before my birthday. It was a good series though so I wouldn't mind collecting it on DVD!

"Divergent" by Veronica Roth - I've been hearing a lot about this Divergent/Insurgent trilogy as it sounds like the next BIG young adult literature series and it has an interesting concept to it. I wouldn't mind getting the 1st book in the series to check it out!

Chicken Soup for the Mother and Son Soul - I'm sucker for the Chicken Soup books and well, Jay's a boy, I'm a mommy, so why not?

Target, Gordman's and Old Navy gift cards are much appreciated too!



Just realized I haven't posted much lately...

We've been keeping busy though!

Since hubby lost his day job I've been busy picking up extra hours at work wherever I can, averaging now 20-30 hours a week instead of my usual 12-15.

We went to the fair this past weekend - next weekend we're going to Day Out with Thomas in Union, IL.

My father-in-law and sister-in-law are still staying with us. They recently went to sign/fill-out paperwork regarding a home equity loan so hopefully we hear some good news from that soon so they can get a home of their own here in town while we wait for their property out in the country to sell.

My sister-in-law got to go to a sleepover last weekend though, which was really neat as before all this, with them living over an hour away in the country, she never got to get together with her friends and do things like that (actually, prior to this past year, she never really had a lot of friends her age, as they were so far away for her to really get to do much with them outside of church - being in junior high youth group this past year though she's gotten more opportunities to be involved). I picked her up Saturday morning and we stopped by Toys R Us on our way home as it was the last day for their BOGO free Crayola sale and I wanted to get some markers for Jay - she went nuts over the Hunger Games stuff they have there, it was quite amusing! And then she showed me all the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic stuff they have there too - definitely gave me some ideas for her upcoming birthday present! It's been nice getting to chat and hang around with her a little more - last week my father-in-law had *the worst* panic attack he's had while here (he has them most nights) and my sister-in-law had to get up and help calm him down... we stayed up and chatted for a few hours til hubby came home from his night job (now his only job).

Hubby's still looking for another day job - part-time, full-time... anything really. Considering what he was taking out of his paychecks and what we were putting in savings, really there's only about $1100 we need to make up for... if I'm able to keep getting 20-30 hours a week at work I can make up the bulk of that but we'll still be a little short... hubby's started donating plasma again as of last week so that's an extra $50/wk there... things are just going to be real tight for awhile though until he finds something to help make up for the remainder of what was lost (like I've said previously though, we have enough to be okay for a good month or 2 so we have some time til it hits us). Ideally though, we *really* hope hubby can go full-time at UPS (his night job) sometime soon - he's been in the running for it for years now, but the process is so long and drawn out... he's at the step in the process where he's basically waiting on them.

In other news... I'm going to be an aunt again! My sister and brother-in-law announced last week that she's pregnant! They're estimating late-March or early-May. Originally they had talked about waiting a few years, til she was like 22 and he was a little more settled with Navy stuff, but I guess they talked and right now he's stationed at Great Lakes for at least another year and a half so they thought it made more sense to go ahead and start now, that way they'll be around the area and not too far from family and he won't be deployed anywhere quite soon either so he'll be around to help out as well. Plus they thought it would be neat for Jay to have a cousin, nearby (for now) somewhat close in age (they'll be about 2 years apart). I've already started an Amazon list of what I want to get them - a lot of it is stuff we ended up using a lot with Jay but hadn't planned on getting originally!

I got all of Jay's fall clothing bought - he's got plenty of short sleeves and long sleeves shirts, several pairs of pants, 2 pairs of sneakers and 1 pair of dress shoes, a few dressier shirts and a pair of khaki's and a new Thomas hoodie as his other one he had last spring is getting a bit small on him. Most of this stuff he can wear into winter as he's currently in a 24 month top and we bought it all 2T.

Currently I'm about to finish the 1st season of Gossip Girl (ya'll talking about it in Blogland & Twitter got me interested!) and hubby and I are almost done with the 2nd season of Breaking Bad - the "Better Call Saul" episode (the first episode with the Saul Goodman character) had us cracking up! We also watched the new season of Dallas on TNT and were hooked... OMG about Rebecca! Can't wait to see how that plays out, as I found her character a bit annoying until this last episode when the truth about her was revealed... fortunately the next season starts in January so we don't have to wait til next summer!

What have you been up?

18 months!

https://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/s720x720/547207_10100773601169159_57536454_n.jpgMy "baby" is officially a year and a half old as of last week.

That's halfway to 3!

Where has the time gone?!

We had his 18 month check-up last Friday - Jay is 32.5 inches tall (almost 3 feet!), 26lbs 7oz (he's gained almost exactly 3lbs in 3 months!), and his head is 50th percentile. His weight is also 50th percentile however his height is just over 50th percentile, which is no surprise there as his daddy's tall! Everyone seemed to know he had grown recently though as he can now reach things he couldn't before, such as things on tables or counters... oh and he can climb on the couch now and reach things nearby!

We asked about his lack of talking (he *can* talk, he just chooses not to - he'd rather communicate non-verbally) - the doctor said to continue to really work with him these next few months and if he's still refusing to use his words after 2-3 more months then he would refer us to a government funded group nearby that works with delayed speech development. We have noticed a slight improvement over the past few days - Jay's started to say "all done" when he's finished with meals or bathtime the other night and his babbling is getting better too as it sounds like he's actually trying to say something instead of just babbling. He still says "dada" "mama" "baba" and "dog" among a few others but not regularly.

Poor kiddo though, he was in tears for most of his check-up - he got upset when the nurse came in 1st to check his vitals and measurements, then he freaked out when the doctor came in, and then... he had a different nurse this time for his shot so that caught him off guard but obviously he cried when she stuck him with the needle. His next visit isn't for 6 months though, at his 2 year check-up so we're clear til then! He does have his urology check-up in a few weeks though up in Milwaukee - hopefully that one goes as well as it did last time!

We gave him one of his plastic forks last night at dinner, just to see how he did with it as that's
probably the next thing we'll need to work on with him. He seemed to have the idea of sticking it into food down, but not so much the next step of putting it in his mouth.

Breakfast consists of a bowl of strawberry banana yogurt, a bowl of oatmeal made with milk, and a straw cup of milk with strawberry syrup (he won't drink it plain); sometimes he'll get a waffle too if he's still hungry or some cinnamon bread.

Lunch is usually some crackers, some applesauce or other fruit, and a meat/protein such as chicken nuggets, a kosher hot dog, rice with chicken and veggies or beef ravioli in meat sauce.

Dinner is whatever we're eating (usually a pasta and some kind of meat/chicken) plus a veggie if one is not normally included.

For a bedtime snack he gets another bowl of strawberry banana yogurt and some water from his straw water bottle (which he also drinks at other meals and throughout the day).

Normal wake-up time is anywhere between 930-1130am just depending on how tired he is (or if Grandpa's loud in the morning and wakes him up super early and he can't fall back asleep).

He still takes 1 nap in the afternoon (when he goes down depends on how late/early he woke up) and
is usually asleep from anywhere between 1.5-3hrs. We start getting him ready for bed around 10/1030pm (depending on if it's a bath night or not) and he's normally in bed by 11pm at the latest.

He's in 24 month tops, 18 month bottoms, and his feet are a 5.5wide (so they have us buying a 6wide for growth room).

We think daddy being home during the day is throwing him off quite a bit, especially since mommy's been picking up extra hours at work like crazy and he now spends more time at home with daddy than with mommy, as opposed to it being the opposite for all his life.

He loves being outside though and picking up stones/rocks - when we first got out of the car at he doctor's office, we let him walk on the sidewalk holding our hands... well they have a bunch of rocks in their landscape around the building so yeah... he immediately took off running towards those to "collect" some. He also often comes home from Grammie and Grandpap's house (my parents) with rocks in his hands that he picked up around their backyard and didn't throw into their small fish pond!

He's still big on Thomas the Train, as well as the Wiggles, but lately he's been on a hardcore Elmo kick. I recently picked up a Pocoyo DVD for $5 - he's seen the commercial for Pocoyo on one of his Wiggles DVDs and seemed interested so I figured why not check it out. He seems to enjoy it and I like that that Pocoyo seems to speak in 1-word sentences, kind of like what we're working on with Jay. I must say, like he burned us out on the Wiggles, I'm starting to get burned out on Elmo! He loves his books too! There's several he really likes us to read to him, but it's not uncommon to find him sitting somewhere in the family room, or in his crib or car seat with a book in head, just looking at the pages! Glad he likes books!


Fun at the Fair

This past season one of the 2 local county fairs happened and we took Jay! If you remember, last year was his 1st time at the fair. He was only about 6 months old so we didn't do much aside from push him around, take him in the petting zoo and let him try some ice cream. This year he was a bit more into it.

Hubby took Jay around the petting zoo, where they attempted to pet a goat (Jay was more interested in opening and closing the petting zoo gates!)

 I got my annual ear of sweet corn. There's 3 things I get at the fair every year: baked potato with toppings from the Boy Scouts, an ear of sweet corn, and some ice cream from the Merry Milk Maids.

The Dish Network booth was free passing balloons out to all the kids so we got one for Jay and tied it to his stroller - kid had waaay too much fun with it! LOL

Jay got to ride the carousel twice as we bought a set of tickets thinking they'd charge one of us to take him on, but nope! Parent escorts got to ride for free! Kid loves the carousel!

 What a pair!
You can see Jay's temporary tattoo on his hand of Lucky the Leprechaun from Lucky Charms cereal got mostly rubbed off too - he wasn't a fan!

Playing with the balloon some more!


We went to get him out of the car when we got home only to see he had 1 shoe and sock off! Little Stinker!

And since it's Phone Photo Fun Monday, here's some other pics on my phone since the last time I shared:

 Silly boys!


 This one cracks me up!

 Watching TV together

 Typing just like daddy!


My Teefury "Wookie the Chew" shirt came this week - I LOVE IT!