Jaydran funnies

A couple "amusing" stories of Jaydran lately:

A few weeks ago we were going grocery shopping at Walmart (hey, we're on a budget and they have the lowest prices on the stuff we buy). Normally if I pass a cart return on our way in I'll grab a cart and push Jay in it to the door. This time however I got a super close spot so I just carried him to the sidewalk and let him hold my hand as we walked to the entrance. Well, I hate our Walmart shopping carts as it almost always takes me several tries before I find one that has both safety straps or one where both straps have a non-broken clasp. This was one of those times. As I went to grab cart #2, Jay let go of my hand and took off running towards the entrance, out to the parking lot! I started yelling for him to stop and come back - I caught him just as he was going through the door! Continuing my search for a "working" cart, I plopped Jay down in the basket of one of the broken ones. Gave me a bit of a scare there, running out the door!

This next one happened last weekend - my parents gave me a coupon for a buffet place in town so we decided to go. I had gotten a plate with some salmon on it and set it down on the table (where hubby and Jay were seated with my father-in-law and one of my brother-in-laws that joined us) while I went to go get a drink. I come back moments later and notice that 1 of my 2 salmon pieces are missing. I asked hubby if he ate some and he said no. I asked him if Jay ate some and he said he didn't think so... then he mentioned he did see Jay reach towards my plate. We opened his mouth up to see if he shoved it in there, as he did have a full mouth but no - he was stuffing his face with popcorn shrimp. Then I looked in his highchair and lo and behold, there was my piece of salmon, stuffed under his butt in the back of the highchair! That little stinker! He stole my salmon and hid it under his butt! LOL!

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