Talk about one heck of a month!

July has been such a crazy, crazy month that I'm glad it's over!

The domino effect of my mother-in-law up and leaving the family at the end of June continued into July (yeah okay, she left her husband, but since she made the choice to up and leave with no notice to any of her kids and has been residing down in Florida ever since with little to no contact aside from stalking us on Facebook, yeah, she left us all as well).

https://sphotos.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/535033_10100716157586559_1545376727_n.jpgMy little sister-in-law and I barely avoided what could have a been a major and possibly deadly accident when the entire wheel of my dad's SUV flew off the car on I-90 after we went into the suburbs to hand off their puppies that they couldn't continue to take care since my mother-in-law had left. We moved my sister-in-law and father-in-law into our house indefinitely until they can get their property out in the country sold and smaller purchase a house here in town. Because of this, we've had to move Jay's crib and changing table/dresser into our room so my father-in-law has a room on the main floor to stay in. Jay keeps waking us up early because my father-in-law keeps waking him up early in the morning. It kinda sucks, although since Jay's been getting used to waking up early, he did wake Grandpa up early, babbling and carrying on, a few mornings lol... it also drives me nuts as they have a bad habit of leaving trash and used dishes all over the house. They seem to be doing better, but still... my little sister-in-law has been making an effort to help pick up and clean around the house though, which has been nice!

We took a mini family overnight vacation up to Madison, Wisconsin where we visited some fun local restaurants and took Jay to the free Henry Vilas Zoo where he enjoyed seeing the monkeys, tiger, giraffes and bears! He also got to ride a carousel for the first time and he LOVED it! It was a nice little getaway!

Jay's starting to hit the "Terrible Twos" early we think, as he's been throwing some epic(ly funny!) tantrums lately over the dumbest stuff! He had a complete meltdown when we refused to change the DVD he was watching every 5 minutes - throwing himself down on a pillow on the floor, kicking and screaming, among other hilarious tantrums. He'll be working a puzzle and get frustrated and scream and throw the puzzle piece across the room.

He's still not talking much, but his non-verbal communication is crazy good - he wanted his water bottle filled today so he walked over to hubby, took his hand off the computer mouse and handed him his empty water bottle! He's also learned how to shake his head no, so if you show and ask him about something he can tell you 'no' if he doesn't want it. He has this weird habit now though where if he's thirsty and wants a drink but his mouth is full he'll spit the mouthful of food out just to drink from a straw! Kind of annoying...

He's also starting to climb, as he can get himself up on the couch now and he's been getting a bit more adventurous at the playground these days!

https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-snc6/s720x720/205312_4351622758608_486066691_n.jpgLast week we visited my sister out at her place in Waukegan and we spent the afternoon at the Gurnee Mills outlet mall. Jay made out like a bandit - we got several books for $10 that normally would have cost us at least $30 at Barnes and Noble, and he got several long sleeve shirts for fall as well as a new pair of play sneakers at Stride Rite where they measured his feet and he's grown an entire shoe size since last spring (he was measuring a 4.5w and he's now a 5.5w). We had our employee sale this past weekend at work too so Jay's pretty set on clothes for fall - he just needs a pair of overalls my mom said she'd get him as well as a new Thomas hoodie that we're trying to find online as he loved the one he had last spring but it only goes up to 24 months so he's on the verge of out growing it.

In other news, hubby got fired from his day job Monday. It was complete BS too - the reason he was fired for was because they said he wasn't doing tasks he should have been... however he was NEVER told about these tasks nor were they ever sent to him in a memo or in writing or anything so he had no idea that he should have been doing these things they say he should have been - they were never even in his job description! How does that work? We're sure there has to be some ulterior motive for firing him and that this was just the cover excuse... we're expecting them to call him back and renegotiate his return in a matter of weeks - the job really requires 2 people to do all the work he was doing, but since he's awesome at multi-tasking he could do it. The guy they're dumping it on, well, he can barely manage his own job let alone hubby's entire position! They're screwed! Unfortunately this job paid almost twice as much as hubby's part-time supervisor job at UPS, but at least it was the job he hated and was eventually going to quit when he got a full-time position at UPS, and it wasn't the job that our healthcare benefits are through either, so that's good.

In the meantime, I'm picking up extra hours at work while hubby tries to find anything else during the day. My boss is thrilled - she was a little concerned when I walked in Monday afternoon and told her we needed to talk, but I assured her that it was good for her, despite being sucky for me. We recently had the 2 other girls who had been there 2nd longest after me quit recently so there's plenty of hours for me to pick up right now and my boss loooooves me, mainly cuz I'm the most seasoned employee she has left not to mention I know what I'm doing and don't need to be micro-managed. I went from having 10 hours this week to at least 30. My boss declared today that I'm now their unofficial full-time associate. Hubby thinks we'll be okay for awhile - he had some money stashed away "just in case" so if hubby doesn't find something soon we won't really feel the hit for at least a month or 2.

And as if the last few days of July couldn't get any worse...

I came home from a late night at work Monday to my mom calmly telling me she thought everything was now "under control" and continued to inform me that while she went in the kitchen to get Jay's bowl of bedtime yogurt, he had climbed up on the couch (something new he can do now as well) and pulled down a baggie that had some allergy pills in a bottle with a faulty lid that was on the ledge above the back of the couch and they had spilled all over the couch cushion. By the time she heard and came running, Jay was sitting there with the pills, making a face. She did a swoop of his mouth and didn't get anything out so she cleaned them all up asap and called poison control. We think he might have swallowed 1 or 2, which the poison control guy said wouldn't hurt him, but said to keep him up for an hour and a half and monitor him, saying to watch for excitability/bouncing off the walls energy or extreme drowsiness. He did get a burst of hyperness and then he started getting sleepy near the end of the waiting period (which was an hour and a half past bedtime). The poison control guy said he sounded like he was going to be okay and said we could put him to bed and just let him sleep. He slept in til 1pm, but it's no surprise as I had to keep him up til 1230am! I was furious though - it's one thing for my father-in-law to leave his trash and dirty dishes all over my house (although Jay did knock one of his empty glasses on the floor, breaking it in pieces and being shocked at the cause and effect), but it's another entirely serious matter when medication is left within Jay's reach. As it is, my mom has to refinish my wood kitchen table I inherited from my grandma - they left a bottle of rubbing alcohol just sitting on the table, with residue that had leaked down the side of the bottle and underneath it ><

Bring it, August!

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