Photo Fun Monday 07.30.12

 Last Tuesday we visited my sister 2 hours away in Waukegan and we drove the 5 minutes to Gurnee Mills outlet mall. They have a Rainforest Cafe restaurant and we figured Jay was old enough to go and enjoy it. Here he is, sipping chocolate milk and playing with the crayons they gave him. He seemed to enjoy it and after he ate I walked him around the restaurant to check out all the different anamtronic areas. He liked the big gorillas!

 Friday evening we went out for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings, where we watched the opening of the 2012 Olympic Games in London! This is kinda neat actually as 4 years ago we were sitting at Buffalo Wild Wings, on the opposite side of the restaurant from where we were here, watching the opening ceremonies! It's kinda become a tradition... hard to believe that was already 4 years ago though!

 Sleepy doggie, all curled up!

 Here she is using Jay's Rock n Roll Elmo as a pillow, lol...

 Jay wanted the Goldfish crackers so I brought them down for him. We thought he was done so we closed it up and sat it on the couch. Guess not - I looked over and saw him with his arm all the way in the big box, helping himself!

 Enjoying some Chuck E Cheese pizza while watching the Chuck E Cheese anamatronics up on the stage. Wanting to get out of the house on Sunday for a bit, we were limited to doing something indoors as it had already rained and looked like it was going to rain again. We decided to take Jay to Chuck E Cheese since he hasn't been there since last Thanksgiving. $20 for a pizza, 2 drinks and 25 tokens = 2 whole hours of fun for Jay!

 Riding the Chuck E mobile!

 *THE* Chuck E Cheese came out and visited Jay. He got really excited and was trying to climb across the car to get to him!

 Just in awe of meeting the real Chuck E Cheese!

 "Did you guys see that?! It was Chuck E Cheese!"

 They didn't have the Bob the Builder tractor ride Jay loved so much last time we were there. Instead, this Noah's Ark ride was its replacement. Jay enjoyed it for a whole 30 seconds.

 He found a Clifford ride and decided to have a staredown with the dog.

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