Phone Photo Fun Monday 07.02.12

Since I was pre-occupied with life last week and missed getting my post up, I'm sharing photos from the last 2 weeks here.

 That big ugly bug was one I got stuck killing as I saw it during Jay's naptime and of course hubby was at work. It was soooo disgusting!  It had like super thin daddy-long-legs type legs but it could fly! I had to use a chair just to be able to reach and then swat at it a bit to get it low enough for me to kill it. So gross!

Jay decided to hug Elmo - it was too cute not to take a few pictures! 
I'm soooo glad he's starting hugging - mommy could really use some hugs these days!

He found a "new" way to play with his activity table /facepalm

 Jay likes his Red Mango - yum!

 My Influenster Mom VoxBox came in the mail finally!
Expect a post about what I got soon!

 I painted my nails Indigo-Go Girl by Ulta.
Not a fan of how many coats I had to put on, but it did peel off nicely when I got tired of it!

 Jay fell asleep in my dad's Jeep!

 The female pitbull/border collie puppy we gave to a no-kill shelter.

 The 2 male pitbull/border collie puppies we gave to a no-kill shelter.  
These puppies are adorable! I'm soooo glad that they have a really good chance at being adopted to good homes! I can't thank my friend enough for all the help she was last week, contacting shelters for me in regards to the dogs that we had to do something with asap. If you're interested in any of these super friendly cuties, they are available for adoption at The Anti-Cruelty Society shelter in Chicago (unless they already found homes this past weekend!).

 This is Lady Girl (aka Lady).
She's a border collie/lab/Australian shepherd mix, between 3 and 4 years old. She's such a sweetie and well-mannered dog, we were able to take her in with no problems at all. Jay is beyond thrilled to have a dog in the house and Tiger is becoming less and less territorial with each day as she comes to realize the dog isn't going anywhere, nor is she interested in hurting her. I took her to the vet on Friday and she seems to be in good health - no heartworms or fleas or ticks that the vet could see. She does have swelling real bad in one ear and a lot of yeast with bacteria and puss in the other ear that the vet gave us medicated drops to give her twice daily to massage into her ear canals and clean them out. We plan on getting her spayed in the upcoming months, but we need to save up for it first as we weren't planning on getting a dog so soon and we no longer qualify for the voucher. We also took her to the PetCo Grooming salon and they got her cleaned up real nice for us and removed the rest of the dead fur that kept falling off her after we gave her a bath.


 Lady Girl relaxing outside in my parent's backyard as I had to pick-up Jay and she can't be in the house as my parent's dog doesn't know her yet.
Jay enjoying a styrofoam bowl of Goldfish crackers while reading his book as we wait for dinner at Denny's.

 This past Saturday hubby and I went to a wedding. I've known the bride since kindergarten, as we went to grade school and junior high together, hubby knew her from our youth group days at church. Her and her husband met their 1st year of college, almost 10 years ago. So glad that they finally got married after all this time!

 This was my entree at the reception - a half baked chicken, with potatoes (underneath the chicken) and veggies. Hubby had the prime-rib cut steak. We were seated with an old friend of mine and hubby's from youth group and her husband (she was in our wedding and we try to get together with them at least once a year when they visit from out of state) and while we were seated further back, we were right next to the open bar, which was a-okay with us!

They had the local Moonlight Jazz Orchestra play for the reception music. It was neat, but not a lot of variety for dancing as it was mostly various types of jazz songs mixed with some swing. The band said they'd be there til 4am! We left around 10pm, when the majority of the crowd had fanned out as well. It was a fun time though - several other friends and familiar faces were there as well.

I just realized, this is my 900th post!!!
Think I might do a giveaway when I reach 1000!


  1. Jay is precious! I love that he loves Elmo, he is my favorite Sesame Street character.

  2. hahaha smart boy with the red mango ;)


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