The Nail Files #6

The Nail FilesI've been seeing a lot of bloggers in Blogland lately posting about getting goodies from Julep Maven for just a penny!

Curious as to "what my style" is, I decided to check it out, after seeing the millionth post about the company - I figured "a penny, why not?"

So my style is "Classic with a Twist":
This timeless, iconic look is marked by beautiful yet simple cuts and colors. Effortlessly elegant, you love fine natural fabrics, gorgeous leather accessories and polished sophisticated hues. Whatever the latest trend, you’re always confidently in style.

Yeah, sounds about right.

Within a couple of days my Intro box arrived in the mail:

I got nail colors Rose (pink) and Robin (blue) as well as their Pedi creme which I hear great things about and some toe spacers! I tried on the Rose color on my toes - it's not bad!

I passed on the August box, just as at the time of the payment schedule, the money isn't there for it (especially with all that's been going on lately this past month or so).


  1. gorgeous colors! i really love their nail polish!

  2. my favorite part about julep is that you can "pass" on months - so smart and convenient!


What's your thoughts?