Phone Photo Fun Monday 07.23.12

This week, Jay had some fun with Grandpa's cane:


Lady Girl sheds, a lot, and my Hoover I've had for like 4 years just wasn't vacuuming up her fur from the carpet so I decided to look around and price a few. It came down to these 2:

I went with the first one - the Bissell Total Floors Pet. It was nearly twice as much as the Dirt Devil Pets (which btw, I LOVE my Dirt Devil handhelds) but the idea of 1 vacuum to use on all our floors was quite appealing!

First time using it on our family room and hallway carpets picked up all this:
 Yuck! And I had *just* vacuumed with my Hoover the day before - clearly it wasn't doing its job! You can tell a huge difference just by looking at the carpet too - it looks lighter and just cleaner in general. I used it again last night and it picked up maybe 1/4 of that, doing both the family room, hallway, part of Jay's room and the kitchen, so glad to know the initial first use seemed to get most of the dirt up. It has a 35ft cord too so I don't need to unplug halfway like I had to before - I can get the main floor, only stopping to switch to the bare-floors setting.

 Jay found himself a little nook to "read" a book. So glad he loves books! 

 Hobby Lobby had a 50% off sale on all their wood and metal decorative items so I got this piece for a great price and hubby helped me hang it in our kitchen.

 I gave Jay a haircut and I think it actually turned out pretty well this time - mom had asked me if we took him somewhere, she said it looked pretty good! It helped having hubby hold his head and distract him at the same time! He also had an incident with my parents' small dog - she hadn't seen Jay in days and was super excited to play with him, so she jumped up on him, only her paw went higher than usual and one of her nails/claws caught his face, scratching him from the eyebrow down... poor kiddo! Apparently it looks a lot worse than it actually was though - Jay's reflexes had him close his eye so no damage to his eyeball was done and it's been nearly a week and it's mostly cleared up.

 I took these 2 for a walk on one of the local walking paths this past week as we had a few days that weren't scorching hot out (I hate July for that reason - most of the month is spent inside in the A/C, it's too hot out to do anything!). Lady Girl did pretty good although Jay was getting fussy near the end of our 1st lap. Funny thing, he was giggling and smiling right up until I snapped this picture, then he became Mr. Grumpyface, lol... He thought it was hilarious to have the dog in the car with us!

Jay has this thing where he picks up objects and puts them to his ear like he's talking on the phone. Lately he's been stealing my computer's mouse and doing this. Funny thing is, we have no idea where he picked this up, as we don't usually use the phone for making phone calls often when he's awake!

Standing on his tiptoes, trying to reach either a book or a DVD, lol...

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