Who Am I?

Christmas 2011
Hey there, thanks for checking out my blog!

If you're visiting this page, you must be curious to know more about the person behind these ramblings.

I'm a married female in my late-twenties, with a Bachelor's Degree in art and graphic design, doing the occasional freelance graphic design project.

I enjoy art and design, video games (I'm a recovering World of Warcraft addict and like playing games on our Wii and PS3), music (especially of the rock/metal-genre, but mostly anything that isn't country, R&B and most rap), movies, most "geeky" stuff and I love Taco Bell.

My favorite Big Man
and my favorite Little Man!
Despite living most our lives in the Northern Illinois area, we are Dallas Cowboys fans and made the trek down there to catch a game in Fall 2010 (we were at the Monday night game against the Giants where Romo had his season-ending clavicle injury). I'll still cheer on the Chicago Bears and Pittsburgh Steelers (my parents and their families are both from the Pittsburgh area) so long as they're not in competition with our Boys!

I'm a first-time mommy, to Jaydran (Jay) Alexander, born February 4, 2011! While I do work part-time in retail several days a week (for a children's clothing store), the rest of my time is spent with my Little Man and my hubby (when he isn't working that is!). Feel free to check out my "baby/family" blog.

In addition to having a baby in 2011, we also became 1st time homeowners and boy has it been nice having a "real" home and not a small apartment.

Mommy and the "J-man"
We have a 3 year old domestic bronze Egyptian Mau kitty named Tiger, whom hubby gave me for our first Christmas as a married couple. While she had a bit of an adjustment to make to with us having a baby and moving into a house within a few short months of each other, overall she's mellowed out and has finally started to warm up to Jay (she kept quite a bit of distance from him for the longest time... now that he's mobile, she's gotten more curious and I can see her getting him into quite a bit of trouble in the future, lol...). We also have a Beta fishy, which we've always referred to as "Jay's fishy" rather than give him an actual name - oops!

Hubby and I are both Christians, having grown up in the church and met in 8th grade youth group (you can read the full story here). I don't try to act or claim to be perfect (I know full-well I'm not!) and I'm not one to get all up in someone's face regarding things they may be doing that I don't necessarily agree with, however I do have strong beliefs and will gladly share them with you if you like. While I don't like to get too preachy on my blog, sometimes (as you will see) I do get a bit fired up regarding certain topics and will occasionally express my thoughts here on MY blog (if you don't like it, don't read it - it's as simple as that).

In "Blogland," I prefer to go by RAY J (my initials) for those that don't know me in person.

I'm just trying to get through each day. Life has it's ups and down, but it's how you handle them that counts! So Carpe Diem! Live a little, but stay true to yourself and what you believe. Smile and most of all - don't forget to love and laugh!

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