How I Met My Husband, part 1

"How long have you been together?"

"How long did you know each other before you started dating?"

"How did you guys meet?"

I always get a bit giddy whenever someone asks me those questions about my husband and myself because we have such a neat story!

Ours dates back to the beginning of December 1997. The same weekend of our church's annual production of Wonders of Christmas. This month marks the 12th year we have known each other.

We were both in 8th grade and regularly attended the 2nd hour Junior High Sunday School class. Being the 2nd hour class, it was smaller, as the contemporary church service took place during this hour and most went to the 1st hour class and then onto that service - my parents went to the more traditional service which took place 3rd hour, since their Sunday School class met only during the 2nd hour. Most of the time, there was less than 10 of us in attendance to this particular class, myself usually being the only girl (except for when one of my friends would randomly show up).

After class, there would sometimes be 15-30 minutes before service started so everyone in the class would take turns playing Carpetball (only we called it something different that I can't for the life of me remember what it was!) - being the only girl most of the time, I definitely could hold my own against the guys and usually beat most of them!

Anyways, this particular Sunday, my Carpetball reign had ended (we played where the winner stays in until someone beats them), service was starting soon so I gathered my Bible and purse and started to make my way towards to the exit to head upstairs and find my parents to sit with them.

I got about two-thirds of the way to the door when I heard one of the guys call my name. I stopped to make sure I had all my belongings, thinking maybe I had left something next to the Carpetball table. I started to turn around to take a look and see, but saw one of the guys approaching me - he didn't have any of my stuff with him though...

He stopped and handed me a folded piece of paper with my name on it, but before I could say anything, he took off running out the door and up the stairs. It didn't help I couldn't think of his name... he was a regular in our Sunday School class though, usually sat in the 2nd row, somewhere behind me so I never really got a good look at him, other than the fact that he was really tall.

I went to the restroom nearest the Junior High room and opened up the piece of paper "this guy" had given to me.


Looking back at it now and throughout the years, we have a good laugh over how cheesy it was, but at the time it was really sweet. Growing up, I was never one of the popular kids at school, and the same clique carried over into youth group at church. I was always one of the left out kids that always got picked on and none of the guys my age would give me the time of day. Granted, I wasn't allowed to date yet or talk on the phone with boys, but it still would have been nice to have a guy like me. The fact that a guy had actually noticed me, let alone write me a poem, blew my mind!

Well since I had no clue who he was, other than Mr.-Really-Tall-Who-Wrote-Me-a-Poem-and-Sits-in-the-Row-Behind-Me-in-Sunday-School, I took the poem with me to Wonders of Christmas that afternoon.

I was in the teen chorus number as well as the candle burning number with my friend Jackie. Her mom worked at the church and knew pretty much everyone, so naturally my friend did too - I figured if anyone could give me more information about "this guy" it would be her. And she did!

To be continued tomorrow!

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