Going for a record

So the other night on the news I saw this story:

Rockford tattoo artist tries to break world record

ROCKFORD (WREX) -  A Rockford tattoo artist hopes to ink his way right into the "Guinness Book of World Records".  Jeremy brown is trying to tattoo a client for 50 hours.  He started around 2pm Friday.  Brown says his client, Nicholas Thunderberg, came up with the idea.  Brown has to stay up the whole time, but he says Nicholas is the one feeling the pain.  "The tattooing I know I'm going to be okay with, I don't know for that long, but right now its just the hype from it."

When it's done, Nicholas will have a cherry blossom tree with mountains in the background of his arm and a phoenix on his back.  If there's time, he'll also get a mask on his chest.  We'll check in with them this weekend to see how they're doing.

The cool thing and how this story relates to me?

Jeremy (of EuroTat2) is the tattoo artist that did my tat last year =)

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