Just realized I haven't posted much lately...

We've been keeping busy though!

Since hubby lost his day job I've been busy picking up extra hours at work wherever I can, averaging now 20-30 hours a week instead of my usual 12-15.

We went to the fair this past weekend - next weekend we're going to Day Out with Thomas in Union, IL.

My father-in-law and sister-in-law are still staying with us. They recently went to sign/fill-out paperwork regarding a home equity loan so hopefully we hear some good news from that soon so they can get a home of their own here in town while we wait for their property out in the country to sell.

My sister-in-law got to go to a sleepover last weekend though, which was really neat as before all this, with them living over an hour away in the country, she never got to get together with her friends and do things like that (actually, prior to this past year, she never really had a lot of friends her age, as they were so far away for her to really get to do much with them outside of church - being in junior high youth group this past year though she's gotten more opportunities to be involved). I picked her up Saturday morning and we stopped by Toys R Us on our way home as it was the last day for their BOGO free Crayola sale and I wanted to get some markers for Jay - she went nuts over the Hunger Games stuff they have there, it was quite amusing! And then she showed me all the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic stuff they have there too - definitely gave me some ideas for her upcoming birthday present! It's been nice getting to chat and hang around with her a little more - last week my father-in-law had *the worst* panic attack he's had while here (he has them most nights) and my sister-in-law had to get up and help calm him down... we stayed up and chatted for a few hours til hubby came home from his night job (now his only job).

Hubby's still looking for another day job - part-time, full-time... anything really. Considering what he was taking out of his paychecks and what we were putting in savings, really there's only about $1100 we need to make up for... if I'm able to keep getting 20-30 hours a week at work I can make up the bulk of that but we'll still be a little short... hubby's started donating plasma again as of last week so that's an extra $50/wk there... things are just going to be real tight for awhile though until he finds something to help make up for the remainder of what was lost (like I've said previously though, we have enough to be okay for a good month or 2 so we have some time til it hits us). Ideally though, we *really* hope hubby can go full-time at UPS (his night job) sometime soon - he's been in the running for it for years now, but the process is so long and drawn out... he's at the step in the process where he's basically waiting on them.

In other news... I'm going to be an aunt again! My sister and brother-in-law announced last week that she's pregnant! They're estimating late-March or early-May. Originally they had talked about waiting a few years, til she was like 22 and he was a little more settled with Navy stuff, but I guess they talked and right now he's stationed at Great Lakes for at least another year and a half so they thought it made more sense to go ahead and start now, that way they'll be around the area and not too far from family and he won't be deployed anywhere quite soon either so he'll be around to help out as well. Plus they thought it would be neat for Jay to have a cousin, nearby (for now) somewhat close in age (they'll be about 2 years apart). I've already started an Amazon list of what I want to get them - a lot of it is stuff we ended up using a lot with Jay but hadn't planned on getting originally!

I got all of Jay's fall clothing bought - he's got plenty of short sleeves and long sleeves shirts, several pairs of pants, 2 pairs of sneakers and 1 pair of dress shoes, a few dressier shirts and a pair of khaki's and a new Thomas hoodie as his other one he had last spring is getting a bit small on him. Most of this stuff he can wear into winter as he's currently in a 24 month top and we bought it all 2T.

Currently I'm about to finish the 1st season of Gossip Girl (ya'll talking about it in Blogland & Twitter got me interested!) and hubby and I are almost done with the 2nd season of Breaking Bad - the "Better Call Saul" episode (the first episode with the Saul Goodman character) had us cracking up! We also watched the new season of Dallas on TNT and were hooked... OMG about Rebecca! Can't wait to see how that plays out, as I found her character a bit annoying until this last episode when the truth about her was revealed... fortunately the next season starts in January so we don't have to wait til next summer!

What have you been up?

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