Another Jaydran Funnie

The other night, shortly before Jay's bedtime but after hubby had left for work, I was sitting in the family room with my young teenage sister-in-law chatting while Jay played. Lady Girl (my in-law's dog we took in early last month) was sitting calmly like she usually does when Jay toddles up to her out of nowhere, pops his binky out of his mouth and proceeds to stick it in the dog's mouth!


Lady Girl got this "uh, what are you doing?" look on her face and promptly got up to get away from Jay and his silly antics.

Well, like any toddler on a mission, Jay goes chasing after her around the family room, binky in hand!

She lays down again, Jay catches up to her and once again tries to get her to take his binky in her mouth! At that point we had to tell him to stop, explaining that Lady Girl doesn't want his binky and we had to distract him with something else.

It was pretty funny though and me and my sister-in-law were cracking up!

I texted hubby and my mom - hubby's response was "/facepalm" while my mom stated that Jay just wanted to share his binky her; he likes it, she should too! lol...

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