Photo Fun Monday 09.03.12

I realize I've been a horrible blogger as of late... the reasoning behind it is that I don't get much time
alone to really sit down and blog these days and when I do get a rare moment alone I'd rather relax and waste time doing other things.

That said though... here's the latest photos on my phone, albeit a few days late =)

Jay and his Aunt Katie, being silly together

My birthday was last Wednesday but since I had to work Wednesday (I requested it off but for some reason my boss misread it and gave me Thursday off instead... O.o) Thursday was celebration day!

Hubby and Jay got me these babies: chicBuds earbuds with blue Swarovski Crystals! I LOVE the retractable feature on the earbuds so they don't get tangled and have been wanting a pair of chicBuds for like a year or so!

 Getting my annual birthday pedicure

 The color is called Chicago Champagne Toast by OPI

 Hubby took me to see The Expendables 2 and then we went for dinner at Olive Garden. Afterwards we stopped at Toys R Us to see if their Thomas the Train sale had started that day or if it was the next as I couldn't remember what the flyer said (it was the next). We saw this adorable girl's Robin costume! If we had a little girl I would have soooo bought it!

 We did find WoW Megablock Legos though!
I got the Tauren on the Wyvern while hubby got the Draenai on the Griffin.

Jay had fun taking a bubble bath:

 I build my WoW Megablock set after Jay went to bed =)

 Dog bed I picked up for under $30 at Walmart for Lady Girl. We had to give back the doggie crate my friend was letting me borrow as her dog was acting up and they needed it. She seemed confused as to where to lay at night so we thought she needed a bed of her own.

 Can you spot Jay?
Little stinker climbed up on the loveseat and poked his head under the blinds to look out =D

We went over to my parent's house Sunday night to celebrate my birthday with my family. Jay decided to climb into the toybox ottoman!

Other gifts I got for my birthday:
Once Upon a Time, season 1 on DVD
The Tigger Movie on DVD
Ferris Bueller's Day Off on DVD
Enchanted on DVD
Divergent paperback
Giftcards to Old Navy and Target

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