Fun at the Fair

This past season one of the 2 local county fairs happened and we took Jay! If you remember, last year was his 1st time at the fair. He was only about 6 months old so we didn't do much aside from push him around, take him in the petting zoo and let him try some ice cream. This year he was a bit more into it.

Hubby took Jay around the petting zoo, where they attempted to pet a goat (Jay was more interested in opening and closing the petting zoo gates!)

 I got my annual ear of sweet corn. There's 3 things I get at the fair every year: baked potato with toppings from the Boy Scouts, an ear of sweet corn, and some ice cream from the Merry Milk Maids.

The Dish Network booth was free passing balloons out to all the kids so we got one for Jay and tied it to his stroller - kid had waaay too much fun with it! LOL

Jay got to ride the carousel twice as we bought a set of tickets thinking they'd charge one of us to take him on, but nope! Parent escorts got to ride for free! Kid loves the carousel!

 What a pair!
You can see Jay's temporary tattoo on his hand of Lucky the Leprechaun from Lucky Charms cereal got mostly rubbed off too - he wasn't a fan!

Playing with the balloon some more!


We went to get him out of the car when we got home only to see he had 1 shoe and sock off! Little Stinker!

And since it's Phone Photo Fun Monday, here's some other pics on my phone since the last time I shared:

 Silly boys!


 This one cracks me up!

 Watching TV together

 Typing just like daddy!


My Teefury "Wookie the Chew" shirt came this week - I LOVE IT!

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