Jay's 1st fair

Where we live, there are 2 big fairs that happen every year. And while we technically live in one county, we usually go to the other nearby one just because it's bigger and has more to see and do.

Originally we had planned on going on Friday as I requested off work for it, however around the time hubby got home from work the weather took a turn for the worse and there were tornado warnings going off for nearby counties and it started raining pretty bad. The outlook for Sunday looked clear though so we decided we'd try to go then since neither of us had to work that day either.

Jay petting a lamb with daddy at the fair
This morning we slept in a little bit as a family and Jay did 2 amusing things - first, after I farted in bed with him snuggled up next to me he looked up at me with this disapproving look as if he was like "Mommy... that's gross." Then later, after I had gotten myself ready to go I walked into the living room to retrieve Jay from his daddy to get him ready to go - my husband was sitting on the couch but I didn't see Jay so I simply asked "Where's Jay at?" As if trying to get my attention, I notice him in his walker on the other side of the room, raising his hand like "Here I am, mommy!" It was pretty cute!

Anyways, we got out to the fairgrounds at about 2pm and put Jay in his stroller like a "big boy" (he's got about 5lbs til he's outgrown his carrier so we've been transitioning him out of being in there all the time when we're on the go). He didn't know what to make of the fairgrounds! He was looking around at everything, mouth wide open like "whoa!!" We met up with my parents and took him to the petting zoo and wee animal farm. He didn't know what to make of all the animals he had only seen in his books or on TV before. The petting zoo had mostly lambs with 1 shy goat, but we did get close to a lamb for him to pet! I got my regular fair food - a baked potato, a corn on the cob from the boy scouts, and ice cream from the Milk Maids. We let Jay try some of our ice cream - mine had 1 scoop of mint chocolate chip and 1 scoop of cookie dough. Jay *really* seemed to like my mint ice cream so we let him have several scoops.

Poor kiddo though - he was so in awe of everything and all the people that he was fighting his nap all afternoon (he usually falls asleep between 130 and 2pm and naps from 45min to several hours!). About 430 he passed out... but only for 20 minutes! He did take a nice 3 hour nap after his dinner though and crashed for bed a few hours later.

All in all I'd say it was a good 1st trip to the fair for Jay!

On a side note, we're trying to teach him to say "Mmm Mmm" "Nom nom" or "Yum yum" to mean he wants food, as he does make similar noises while he's eating his food - it's pretty cute!

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