6 Months!

Today Jay is 6 months old.

Half a year old.

It really doesn't seem like it's been that long! Since having him, it seems like the months have just flown by - honestly, where did June and July go?! They both flew by so fast and now it's already August!

Since my last post, he now has 2 - TWO! - teeth! That's right, Jay now has both of his bottom front teeth now and I'm pretty sure he's working on a few more, the way he's been gnawing on everything lately!

His 6-month check-up isn't til next week but I'm positive he has to weigh AT LEAST 15lbs, if not more - he's getting quite heavy for me to carry him in his carrier!

Rockin' his shades
Today we're going to try giving him a sippy-cup and see how he does with that for dinner, along with his usual fruits and veggies.

The other night I was sorting and storing his old clothes that he no longer fits in... looking at the newborn size stuff he wore those 1st 2-3 months... they're SOOO tiny compared to how big he is now!

I also got the rest of our photos developed so we're all caught up on our life in pictures. I filled an entire 200-photo album of Jay's first 5 and half months! Ooops! Oh well!

Happy half birthday, Jay!!! Mommy & Daddy love you!

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