Jay's room, part 2

Since making my post the other day, showing off Jay's room, I've added a few things over the weekend!

Saturday night I was reading through one of the parenting magazines we get and saw an add for these really cute framed name signs for your child's door or room. After picking one out online with hubby, it dawned on me - why I don't just make one myself? I mean, I did go to college for graphic design and do it somewhat professionally... duh!

So I sat down for an hour or so, made one up, sent it off to our local Fed-Ex/Kinko's to be printed on stronger paper, picked it up Sunday afternoon and got a few things at Walmart to put it together (ie: a dollrod and shoestring) and here's the finished project on his door:

I love it!

I was also looking up dresser knobs online the other day too, looking up mushroom-like ones when I came across a photo on DeviantArt of someone who made their own Mario ones and duh! Just buy white knobs and paint them myself! So I picked some up Sunday while I was at Walmart and voila:

My creative way to let them dry, lol...

He also has a small reading lamp in his room next to the rocker so I can read him some books before bed and I decided to get around to painting that like a mushroom too:


And I also decided to make a vine going up into the clouds like there are in certain Mario levels that we can use to measure his growth over the years!

I remember being a kid and getting all excited about putting a new mark on a certain spot of the wall to show how I'd grown every so often and I'm sure Jay will love it too!


  1. wow the room looks great and I love the vine by the door. Great idea. I wanna make something like that too. I was doing on the door of her closet at our old house but now we are renting and I can't really just draw on the walls.

  2. Hi! Thanks for the follow, I am following you back :) Those knobs are too cute! The vine is great by the door and I love that color blue!


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