Jay's room

Just realized I've talked before about how we're doing Jay's room all Mario Bros (since our kid's are most likely going to be into video games and well, it'd just be awesome and hopefully be something he'll appreciate even when he's a teenager if we're still in this house then) but I've never posted any of the pictures!!

First stop, is the changing table area:

You can see he has a stuffed Eeyore, Yoshi, and Tails (from Sonic) on the actual table and some fun stuff on the shelves above - Mario & Luigi figures, Jedi Build-A-Bear, Yoda & Darth Vader mini bobbleheads, an Elmo lunchbox (which he picked out), a mini Clifford, and some keepsake stuff. I did those paintings weeks before he was born.

Here's the outside wall:

As you can see, doing World 1-1 from the original Super Mario Bros is still a work in progress (I honestly never have enough freetime away from Jay to work on the painting it seems), but I have the outline of the pipes, boxes and even the castle done. We hung red curtains to contrast the blue walls and that's his sound machine on the nightstand (and Tiger stretched out, looking out the window). His closet is to the right around the corner on the wall next to the changing table.

Another shot of the outside wall:

You can see more of the painting a little bit as well as part of his crib.

And the 4th wall:

This is where the painting starts and has his bookshelf with books and toys and the rocker with a little table and lamp.


  1. The wall accents are so so so cute

  2. I have never seen a Mario Bros room, that's awesome!

  3. Thanks ladies!

    I wanted something neat and unique that he'll hopefully be happy with for years to come as he grows up a bit =)


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