Quickly approaching the late-20s!

On August 29th I'll turn 27 years old.

Seeing that typed out, that's kinda old. And close to 30!

Call me crazy, but I will admit, I am happy to be turning an odd number this year, as I'm not a fan of most even numbers - they just "look" funny to me! lol...

Anyways, last year I was too preoccupied with being pregnant that I didn't realize my birthday was upon us until like 2 weeks before.

This year I'm a little more on top of things, despite my days and week running together and the months flying by (seriously, where did summer go? June and July just flew by!).

There's really only a few things I want for my birthday this year...
Super Mario All-Stars for Wii
This game includes the original 3 Super Mario Bros games for NES as well as the Lost Levels. Getting this would save me from having to hook up our old school NES just to show Jay the original Super Mario Bros games

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean for Wii
Lego Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow??? Why not! I really enjoy the Lego games too - they're family friendly and the puzzles are pretty challenging too!

A Tony Romo Jersey
We never got our jerseys this past year and football season is upon us so yeah... I'd like to get a jersey. I'm thinking size large too so it's roomy. And either Blue or the Navy/White throwback style.

The Mask on DVD
I'm trying to get the movies I still have left on VHS on DVD as we're not really planning on hooking up our VHS/DVD combo player and yeah... this was one I LOVED as a preteen and still find pretty funny (the Cuban scene has always cracked me up!)


  1. ohh my goodness... the mask? ahh, now i am going to have to go find a copy. i miss that movie...and my childhood! haha, but glad you are going to enjoy this birthday!

  2. I've never played a Lego video game, but I always assumed it was just a gimmick to get away with unsophisticated graphics. But if they have fun puzzles, that sounds cool! My boyfriend and I were in Walmart just yesterday looking at the Wii games, because ever since we visited his brother who has a Wii he's been pining for one, haha. But we didn't stay too long, because they were finishing mopping up nearby, and it smelled a bit like someone had thrown up on that aisle :-/

    The Mask! I haven't seen that movie in ages. Funny to think it was the first movie I ever saw with Cameron Diaz. It's hilarious. Good times.

  3. Thanks you guys!

    Eleni, I was a bit wary of the Lego games too but they're actually pretty fun and some of the puzzles are a bit tricky to figure out too (for the Star Wars one I have a walk-through guide bookmarked on my phone's browser so I can get some direction on what I missed when I get stuck, lol...). Kids would like em cuz it's easy to "kill" things and when you die you just get instantly rebuilt, but some of the puzzles, I think little kids playing alone might get frustrated, as some are pretty hard to figure out! lol... like for some you have to figure out what you need to build to get certain things to do what you need to get you to a different part of a room or area in the level.

  4. happy early birthday! It's so funny what you said about not liking even numbers, I actually don't like odd numbers! lol Which means I'm especially not a fan of turning 29 this year! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  5. Sounds like a good game to play with your kid...or just keep it all to yourself ;) I do like Star Wars, and Pirates of the Caribbean, so if we ever do get a Wii it could be worth checking out.


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