The 2011 VMAs

To be honest, with birthday festivities on Sunday, I completely forgot about the VMAs until I checked my Twitter feed and saw all you guys tweeting about the event.

So I caught a VERY late rerun of it to see what it was all about this year.

I think the preshow should have been called "Selena Gomez and Friends" as I just kept seeing her pal-ing around with Beiber and Demi Levato, etc. And sorry Cobra Starship, I still ONLY like your Snakes on a Plane song. Beiber looked quite butch-feminine too, poor kid.

Gaga surprised everyone who was wondering what crazy get-ups she was going to be sporting this time when she kicked off the show dressed as the dude from her latest video "You and I". She stayed in character throughout the whole show. It was definitely a change for her, but still just as bizarre!

Nicki Minaj presented an award with a super skinny Jonah Hill... it worked for Seth Rogan but Jonah just looks a bit odd! And Nicki looked like she was trying to be Gaga with her whacked out get-up.

Chris Brown, despite the fact I've never really liked him, gave a pretty neat dance performance which included "dances" from different eras in music, such as grunge headbanging from Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" video. I read today though that he lip sync'd it though, which is kinda disappointing since Pink did all the wire trapeze work last year and didn't lip sync.

The Britney tribute was pretty lame and too short... and Dude Gaga hovering next to her during the whole acceptance speech with puppy dog eyes (after Britney turned down a kiss, stating she's already done that on the VMAs) was just creepy.

http://img2.timeinc.net/ew/i/2011/08/28/Beyonce-pregnant-VMA_240.jpgBeyonce's performance was quite classy though and yes, she modeled her baby bump at the end which was cute.

Adele's performance was great as usual.

The Amy Winehouse tribute was pretty good and the footage with Tony Bennett was pretty neat to see! She had amazing talent... too bad she wasted it.

Katy Perry's get-up at the end was just plain strange... I get the 80s look was supposed to be from her TGIF/Last Friday Night video, but what was up with the yellow box on her head?

What's in the box?!?!
And Lil Wayne's performance... ugh... so, SO much fail in that one. For one, it was auto-tune city. Second, he sampled Iron Man - that's just... no. He gave up lip syncing altogether halfway through the performance and there was sooooo much swearing in the song that us viewers at home were just hearing a constant string of annoying beeps. One of the worst performances ever.

I give up - these MTV Award shows just keep getting worse and worse... the movie awards are a joke (Twilight for best movie EVERY. YEAR. IN. A. ROW?! Are you kidding me?!) and the VMAs haven't been worth watching in years.

I'll still probably catch a rerun of next years though. And the year after.


  1. Yeah, I was pretty confused about that box on her head as well.

  2. Yeah... every year, I think they'll finally get the VMAs back on track, but then I regret thinking that while I watch. Ew.

  3. I agree with everything you said here!


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