Lopez Tonight is finally gone!

http://www.deathandtaxesmag.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Lopez-Tonight-.jpgIt's pretty well known that I've been a TBS junkie for the last handful of years - it all started when I was in college somehow as I enjoyed the sitcom reruns they played. It was announced in late 2008/early 2009 that George Lopez was going to host TBS's first ever late-night talk show. To be honest, I only knew him from his sitcom which I watched regularly in syndication on Nick at Nite. I figured I'd give it a try and I'll admit, when it premiered in November 2009 I watched it regularly the first few months.

Gotta admit though, his monologues weren't funny half the time, with him going into a political or racist-like rant instead of telling jokes on current events. And the Sarah Palin bashing... he's as bad as Nancy Grace is to Casey Anthony - give it a rest already! Yes, the woman is quite an idiot, but the regular bashing of her was just getting old after the 1st dozen times. He did have some good guests though which was when I would really only pay attention (the rest of the time I had it on was just as background noise as I don't like absolute silence).

I was really impressed though by him reaching out to Conan though after that whole mess over on NBC. TBS had offered Conan a show but the catch is that Lopez Tonight would be bumped back an hour, much like what NBC had offered Conan when they decided to bring Jay Leno back to late-night. Of course Conan declined, however George Lopez personally got in touch with him telling he was on board with getting pushed back and would be honored to follow Conan.

I watch Conan most weeknights - I got hooked on his late show on NBC back in college and have been a Conan fan ever since, so of course I was thrilled that TBS got him. While he is a lead in to Lopez Tonight, I only really paid attention to Lopez's show when there was a guest on that I liked - his "jokes" never really got better and like I said, the constant Sarah Palin bashing got old.

It's no surprised why Lopez was losing ratings - to be honest I'm surprised TBS didn't pull the plug on him sooner! And this last episode... I get that you don't "give a damn" since it's the last episode, but is there really a need for the constant f-bombs in the monologue and the band playing "F-You" in the non-radio edit version? It just goes to prove he has no class. Like some pointed out on the LA Times article about the cancellation, when he left his wife after she generously gave him a life-saving kidney his image really went down and his behavior on the show didn't help.

It's really disappointing that he's pulling the race card too, saying it has to do with him be a non-white late night host. No George, that's not why you were canceled - you were canceled because you weren't funny! Aside from Twitter, most people I know and most things I have read online, I'm not the only one that got tired of his "humor" (or lack thereof). I heard he also pulled the race card when his sitcom got canceled too, which is disappointing as it's lived on (and been successful) for quite some time now in syndication and actually is pretty good family sitcom.

So no, I'm not sad to see his show go. I'm glad he got Conan on board and he'll always been known as having the 1st late-night talk show on TBS, but I am curious to see what they replace his timeslot with - I was a bit sad to see them pull Sex and the City reruns, maybe they'll air those again? Sorry George, maybe you'll have another hit family sitcom that actually is funny?

What do you think? Did you watch Lopez Tonight at all?

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  1. I used to love his sitcom about his family...In fact, I even went to a taping of it and got to meet the cast. Too bad G Lo was an ass in person and SO full of himself. I decided then I wasn't a fan and only watched his late show maybe twice. I didn't think it was funny AT ALL. I get the Hispanic humor and all but it was overkill and I'm so glad he's gone!


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