Separation Anxiety

I'm glad Jay's bonded to me, my mom and hubby, but this whole separation anxiety milestone he's reached... I'm not a fan of it!

He started getting upset the other day anytime I would leave his eyesight for more than a split second (like to go around the corner to put his empty bottle on the kitchen counter or a 30sec trip to the bathroom to empty my bladder).

Well the other day he REALLY freaked out.

I had to get ready for work so at first I put him in his crib while I went to do my pre-shower stuff (ie: brush my teeth). He didn't like that and started fussing after a moment or so. Now usually when I take my shower I've been putting him in his pack n play lately since he's gotten too big for his bouncy seat (which we moved to our storage room this week - how sad!), but since he didn't seem to like being in the crib I figured I'd take a quick one and let him play in his walker in the kitchen since he seems to like playing in there anyway and the main area of the kitchen is confined enough that he couldn't squeeze the walker anywhere unsafe, plus he can't really get into too much yet as far as the drawers and cabinets go.

So I put him in it, explain I'm just going to take a shower and will be out shortly and for him to play.

I no sooner step in the shower and he starts freaking out in the kitchen on the otherside of the bathroom wall (you would think by now that he would establish that when the water in the bathroom is running and mommy is nowhere to be seen that that means mommy will be back soon after the water stops). I hurry and wash my hair and shave part of my legs, although his screaming and crying is getting worse - it almost sounded like he was having a panic attack as he had cried and screamed so hard he was gasping for breathe. If you didn't know better you would think he was being brutally tortured in the next room, he was freaking out so bad.

So after spending only 5-10 minutes in the shower I quickly hop out to check on him, fearing the worst that maybe he flipped the walker over or something - he hadn't moved from the spot I sat him in and as soon as he saw me he was all smilies like his freak out never happened!

My mom noticed the other day that he started flipping out at her house when she was letting him play in his Johnny Jump-Up there and went out his eyesight for a moment to put something in the kitchen.

Ugh... and I hear this is just the beginning too, with it getting much much worse.

I didn't have time to take a shower today before work, but I think if hubby's not around I'm going to have to bring his walker into the bathroom with me or set it in the hallway outside with the door open (the hallway there is carpeted and his walker doesn't move on carpet) so he can see I didn't disappear.

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  1. This is probably the hardest part of them growing up. I had to get a clear shower curtain because my little one would absolutely freak if he couldn't see me. Luckily, it only lasted a few months, and eventually, I was able to shave BOTH legs in the shower, instead of just one. =D


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