Cuteness: Overload!

Modeling his adorable bear beanie
mommy got him from work!
Today I had a long day at work (basically a 9hr shift when normally the shifts are 4-5hrs) since I was on call prior to my actual shift tonight and they needed me to come in for it. This meant I dropped Jay off at my mom's a little after 1pm and I didn't get to see him again until around 11pm when I got home tonight.

As usual, my mom hung around for a little bit before leaving, chatting and filling me in on what I missed with Jay during the day and when daddy fed him last, etc. When she left he was standing on my lap, holding hands with me to keep him from losing his balance and falling over onto the floor.

And then the cuteness happened.

He leaned forward and wrapped his arms around my neck like he was giving me a hug!

And then, if that wasn't cute enough, he pulled back and then leaned towards my face again with his mouth open like he was wanting to give me one of his "open mouth" kisses* on the cheek, which of course I let him!

Then he pulled back and smiled at me - how cute?!

I guess he really missed his mommy today!

*Jay hasn't quite mastered giving kisses yet so he gives you 1 of 2: 1 is where he just puts his lips to your face or wherever for a moment, and the other (his latest version of a kissy) is the open mouth kiss where he'll put his open mouth to your face and give you a kiss that way, lol... at least he's got the idea down!

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