Fun with Our Phones Monday #1

Okay so I realize it's now officially Wednesday (although since I haven't gone to bed yet it's still technically Tuesday in my mind!) but since it was my birthday and we wanted to have fun evening hubby took Monday night off and well, I forgot, lol...

Anyways, I first saw this link-up last week via some bloggers I recently started following and decided I wanted to start participating in a weekly post again since it's been awhile and well, I'm always taking photos of Jay at least throughout the week if not other random stuff we see while out and about =)

 Showing off his Robot jammies I bought him from work and of course he's wearing his bib as a cape - I call these his "Super Jay" pics, lol...

Since Jay now has a pair of jammies for every day of the week I've been letting him pick out which ones he wants to wear but putting them all in front of him and whichever one he grabs first is his selection. We've been doing this since he was a newborn, giving him options and letting him "pick" - I think it's good for him and gives him a little bit of independence and lets him express his personality.

I went in to check on him before we went to bed and found him laying asleep like this in his crib! I'd say he looks quite comfy!

 Last Thursday I was over at my parent's house, hanging out after work as I had to pick Jay up anyway and my sis's boyfriend decided he was going to make pizza for dinner and invited me and hubby to join as the pizza was quite huge! We hung around for a bit too and I snapped some cute photos of Jay. The 1st one he's got his eyes closed cuz of the flash (oops!) and the 2nd one he just looks mischievous!

 My birthday ice cream cake from our family cookout we had at our house on Sunday! 2 candles on 1 side, 7 on the other (cuz we don't own 27 candles, lol...)

Jay snuggling with his daddy after all our birthday guests left and his sugar high from the bit of ice cream cake he had finally wearing off (kiddo was literally bouncing all over the place, lol...)

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