Jay welcomed September with a thud

Jay greeted the month of September with a THUD this morning as he fell off our bed and onto the floor =(

Jay playing with his blocks and Baby Einstein's turtle
Poor guy... that's the 3rd time he's gotten hurt this week, as he banged his head on the back of his changing table earlier this week while my mom was changing him (which is the 2nd time now that he's whacked his head while getting changed as he won't lay/sit still...). Then Wednesday night, while we were playing in his room with his blocks he was sitting up but fell over on me, his face smashing into my glasses and giving him a little scratch on the side of his face...

...and then this morning.

Every morning he wakes up between 930-1045am and usually lays in bed with me and we snuggle as he watches Sesame Street and mommy gets a little more shut-eye (he usually lays on my chest with my arms around him or next to me with my arm around him). This morning though, he was laying next to me and got away. I heard a loud thud, opened my eyes and as he started screaming it registered that he was no longer in the bed. I sprang up out of the bed and ran over to the other side and there he was, face down on our laminate floor, crying at the top of his lungs. I quickly picked him up, checking to make sure there wasn't any blood. His teeth were still intact, his nose didn't seem broken, I felt his ribs and they all seemed okay and once he calmed down (he was snuggled up on me bawling for a good minute or 2) I bent his legs, knees, arms, elbows and wrists to make sure they didn't hurt and weren't broken or sprained either.

I also called hubby to see if he thought I should take him to get checked out - just as he said the time Jay whacked his head on the shelf above his changing table, he reminded me that babies fall time to time and that as long as I checked him out and he seemed to be okay then not to worry about it, just keep an eye on him and see if he behaves like his normal self. I called my mom to see if she knew what signs I should keep an eye out for and Googled as well. No vomiting or seizures and I kept him up for a couple hours before letting him take his nap just in case he had a concussion or anything. He was a little clingy the rest of the day but other than that he seemed like his normal self, so that's good!

Fortunately our bed is only like 3 feet high, so it could have been worse. I think he was just more scared than anything as he's never fallen like that before. Well I guess you could say he learned why we don't let him get close to the edge and always pull him back when he crawls/rolls too close to it! Gotta say though, I was pretty scared at the time though and felt sooooo bad for it happening as it could have been prevented.


  1. Poor little guy. Babies do fall. It couldn't be no worse then when my daughter fell off the counter. I sat her in the middle of our then huge counter top and moved to the side for a second to get something and off she went. Scared me to death. My mom always told me that she isn't going to break. But it's always scary when something like this happens.

  2. I feel like kids go through three-day periods where they're constantly getting hurt, and then you get a break from the bumps and bruises. There are days when my son bumps his head or falls so much I wonder if he's going to make it to 4!

  3. Thanks ladies!

    Hubby keeps telling me that too - babies fall/hit their heads all the time so as long as he's acting fine and nothing seems broken then he's probably fine. He's the 2nd oldest of 6 so he's had his share of younger kids - especially since there's a 14 year gape between him and his baby sister. Still is scary though!

    His head definitely must be hard, as he's fallen over onto the carpet while sitting and playing several times the last few days too! It's usually if I see and react that he freaks out, otherwise he goes about playing on his tummy like nothing happened! lol...


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