Dryer Despairs

This past weekend our not quite 6 month old dryer seems to have stopped working properly as it won't heat up to dry anything! It goes through the normal cycles of drying the clothes... but with no heat!

We're not entirely sure what happened to have caused this or when it exactly it started happening - hubby was sick for a few days last week, and me not wanting to catch it for fear of knowing that if I get sick it's pretty much a guarantee that Jay will get sick also decided to sleep on the couch for a few nights and wash all the sheets and bedding once hubby was feeling better.The comforter didn't dry 100% after 2 cycles, but that's normal as it's so big anyway so I didn't think too much about that.

Friday we bought a heavy blanket to use for nights when the comforter is too warm, but it's too cold to sleep without a blanket. We bought it at Walmart though and it didn't come in any protective wrapping so we wanted to wash it first before using. I put it in Saturday and it didn't dry all the way the 1st time so I put it in again and put Jay's clothes (including all his heavier, outdoor pants) in the wash and went to bed while hubby stayed up playing Madden (I was dead tired for some reason), telling him to put Jay's clothes in the dryer before he came to bed.

He did and brought the mostly dry blanket upstairs with him.

Sunday afternoon, as we're getting ready to go to the Apple Orchard, I go to get Jay's clothes out of the dryer as the outfit I wanted to put on him (plus all his pants!) was in there... and his clothes are still soaked as if the dryer never ran!


Hubby swore he ran the dryer before he went to bed.

Confused, I checked to make sure it was on the automatic, energy saving preferred setting and went back upstairs to get myself ready to go. I check back in 20 minutes, as it's on the cooldown cycle... and Jay's clothes are still soaked!

We ran the dryer 2 more times, once on the high heat setting just to be sure and still, nothing!

I called my parents and asked my dad if he knew anything about gas dryers, so he came over to check the pilot light for us, which seemed fine... and we had previously followed the troubleshooting instructions in the manual (which were simply make sure the lint trap was empty and that the gas valve to the dryer was open - duh!).

I called Lowe's service number on Monday to see about them sending a repairman out, since it's not even 6 months old and still under the manufacturer's warranty. Since I'm on-call at work in the afternoon this week on Tuesday and Wednesday I opted for a morning appointment on Wednesday - they gave me a window of 8am-noon for someone to be out here.

Needless to say, I waited around for a good bit this morning and this afternoon.

Noon came and went. I waited til 1230 before calling the number again, figuring maybe the tech was running behind or something. By 1245 I finally got a hold of a representative and explained that it was well past noon and the time frame I was given and that I might have to leave for work in 45 minutes and that no one had been to our house yet or even called! He put me on hold and called the tech to find out what was going on, explaining to him that I might have to leave soon. I was told that the tech was in the middle of a dishwasher installation and would try to make it over to our house before I would have to leave to at least diagnose the situation but if he didn't make I would have to call and reschedule.

Well, fortunately they didn't need my on-call at work so I didn't have to go in til later, but 130 came and went and no repairman.

I did get a call later today from American (which is guess is who Lowe's goes through for their major appliance repairs...?) saying I need to call them to reschedule my appointment as they understood I had to leave and the tech didn't get out here in time.

Grrr... add that on my list of things to do now... again.

I really hope we get our dryer fixed by the weekend and that they're not booked into next week now. Fortunately my parents only live 5-10minutes away so we could always use their dryer if we need to (we ended up sending Jay's laundry home with them and stopping by later to dress him and get them before we went to the Apple Orchard).

So annoying though!

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  1. Wow, that sounds really annoying. I can't believe the repairman never showed up!


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