Fun with Our Phones Monday #2

Linking up again this week to show off my photos =)

Yesterday, Jay's 7 month birthday, was a fun day for us. Daddy had a fantasy football draft with some of his co-workers from UPS so it was just me and Little Man for a good bit of the day. We went to PetCo which LOVED looking at all the animals they have there and then we went to Babies/Toys R Us as his baby monitor stopped working correctly Saturday night and I needed to get us a new one.

Anyways, onto the pictures!

Jay climbing under the coffee table, trying to get at the books (which are no longer there now because of this, lol...)

Riding like a big boy in the shopping cart at Target

I randomly decided to braid my hair in braided pigtails, lol...

 Playing with his blocks and Baby Einstein's turtle

I spelled his name with the blocks =)

He noticed I was taking pictures

 He found one of my braids and decided to be ornery, lol...

Trying out the shopping cart cover at Walmart, blinking due to the flash, lol... not sure why we bought the shopping cart cover - half the time we don't use it, we just wipe down the cart with a wipey real good first... this thing is a bit of a pain to put on, not sure how I'd juggle Jay and putting this thing on a cart by myself.

Hubby came home with some Wonka candy the other day - apparently they're now promoting the Willy Wonka book on their packaging now... kinda funny, but neat at the same time that they're plugging a book on a thing of candy!

Watching Sesame Street while mommy puts his shoes and stuff on

He fell asleep, in the shopping cart at Toys/Babies R Us, gripping onto the Winnie the Pooh figures he wanted, lol... prying the box out of his hands without waking him up to check-out was quite a challenge!

1st Carmel Apple Spice cider from Starbucks of the season! Hubby and I get a few of these every fall. This is the only thing I ever frequent Starbucks for, as the closest thing to coffee I'll drink is McDonald's Iced Mocha Frappes.

 We brought his walker downstairs while we watched our HBO shows tonight so he could move around and play with some toys (like his new Winnie the Pooh ones there). Between True Blood and Entourage we flipped it over to Sprout, which he's watching here.


What's your thoughts?