The Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge, Days 9 & 10

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge 
I was bad yesterday and didn't get around to posting day 9, so here's the last 2 days of the Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge! This was pretty fun!

Day 9: Favorite Football Pastimes

http://www.findthatlogo.com/wp-content/gallery/dallas-cowboys-logo/dallas-cowboys-logo-small.jpgWatching the Cowboys, obviously!

Growing up, almost every Thanksgiving I would catch at least part of the Cowboys game. In high school, the guy I dated was as big a Chicago Bears fan as hubby is a Dallas Cowboys fan (ie: flipping out at the TV, jumping around like a madman, lol...) and so every Sunday he would come over and watch the game on my dad's bigger TV with the surround sound, lol... And since I've been with hubby the last almost 5 years (Wow! Congrats hon, you're officially the guy I've been with the longest! hehe...) football season in the fall and winter has always been about watching the Cowboys and cheering them on.

As I mentioned previously in this challenge, last fall we took a trek down to Dallas, Texas as neither of us had been there, my college roommate lives down there now and wanted us to come visit and well, we decided to go in the fall just so we could catch a Cowboys game while we were there! So that was fun, despite it being the Monday night game against the NY Giants where Tony Romo (our main quarterback) broke his clavicle and was out the rest of the season. We also made sure to stock up on Cowboys gear both at Walmart and the Pro Shop since our Walmart up here only sells Bears and Packers stuff (boooo!).

23ish weeks pregnant , so technically Jay's been there too, lol...

In college, when I lived on campus in the dorms, we would regularly attend the NIU football games too - I got to see Michael Turner (now on the Atlana Falcons), Garrett Wolfe (former Chicago Bear), Doug Free (Dallas Cowboys), and Sam Hurd (former Dallas Cowboy, now Chicago Bear) play for our Huskies!

Day 10: Thanksgiving Memories

Hm... well, like I said, I almost always caught part of the Cowboy's game on Thanksgiving while growing up.

When I was really little I used to get up early and watch the Macy's parade, with Santa arriving at the end, signifying Christmas was just around the corner.

For the longest time Thanksgiving was at my parent's house every year. Then my aunt and uncle got married and we started alternating Christmas and Thanksgiving (one year my mom would do Thanksgiving at our house and my aunt would do Christmas at her house and then the next year they would switch). Since hubby and I got married we decided to alternate where we did Thanksgiving each year as his parents live over an hour away and we hate rushing back and forth (Christmas isn't an issue as my family does everything on Christmas Eve while hubby's is on Christmas Day).

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  1. I really love the team of DALLAS specially the basketball team. Dirk Nowitzki is really impressive player..



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