The Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge, Days 4 & 5

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge  
I missed yesterday, as I meant to blog after I cleaned once Jay went to sleep, however cleaning took MUCH longer than I expected and I didn't get a chance to get over here before I needed to go to bed.

Anyways, here's days 4 & 5!

Day 4: Fall Decorating

I haven't really done much in the past simply because previously I've lived in an apartment since I've been on my own. I do have a fall wreath/door hanger my mom gave me one year that we just went out and bought a hook for tonight so I can hang it up finally! I also have a lovely Apple Strudel candle I got last year at the Apple Orchard that I LOVE - makes the house smell like fall! I saw some stuff at Michael's last week that I might stop by and get (I hate taking Jay in there though because their shopping carts are so small and the seat straps barely fit around him - I could tell it was too tight at its longest length, making him a little uncomfortable =/ ).  There was a basket of fall foliage though and some cute scarecrows and they were all for sale at great prices! And don't forget pumpkins! I can't wait to take Jay to the pumpkin patch in October and let him pick his 1st pumpkin! Not sure if we'll carve them this year, but I wouldn't mind sitting a few on our front steps!

Day 5: Things You Are Looking Forward to For Fall
  • Boots & sweaters
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Caramel Apple Spice's from Starbucks
  • The Apple Orchard and all the yummies there (Apple Cider donuts - yum!)

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