Twitter Etiquette PSA

http://nerdmeltla.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/the-more-you-know1.jpgNo one likes spoilers, especially ones pertaining to show finales or major plot twists in a movie.

Now I understand it's fun to "live tweet" while watching your favorite show and sharing your thoughts on events as they happen, but do you think it's really appropriate to tweet to all ~475 who just died on the show as it's airing in the east coast and central time zones?

This happened last night as the True Blood season finale was airing during the same time as Sunday Night Football. Because the TV that's hooked up to the box that gives us access to HBO is also our HDTV and that particular cable box is also the HD box obviously football took precedence (not to mention I wouldn't want to miss the game - watching sports after you already know who won isn't fun and kinda pointless). Another Twitter friend was also in the same boat as me, although she was recording True Blood during the game to watch afterwards.

I suppose I could have ignored Twitter, however there were several of us Cowboys fan and Jets fans tweeting back and forth with each other during the game, getting a little competition going on.

Yes, spoilers happen,  but I'm pretty sure it's a common courtesy that if you're on the east coast, don't give out spoilers until after the west coast has had a chance to watch it, otherwise, in my opinion, that's just rude - sure, I had the opportunity to watch it as it 1st aired, however people on the west coast don't so when you (on the east coast or in the central timezone) tweet major spoilers (such as who all died and made cameos in the episode) it totally ruins the show/finale/episode for those on the west coast.

I wouldn't be as annoyed if it was hours after the premiere or even the next day as by then most people have had an opportunity (whether they took it or not) to see it, but tweeting spoilers during the 1st broadcast... that's just rude and you deserve the unfollows that you received (especially since you continued after it was pointed out you were giving spoilers away to everyone unable to watch that particular broadcast!).

Same goes for movies and books - please don't blurt out who dies or what the major plot twist is in a book or movie where someone who hasn't seen/read it and maybe wants to can hear you. It totally ruins the excitement of what you were looking forward to.

If you must live tweet during a show you can do so without giving away spoilers, like "Omg! I can't believe that just happened to so and so!!!" leaving out what exactly it was that happened. When I watched the Game of Thrones season finale I did make a "Zomg! Dragons!!" tweet but unless you read the books, you wouldn't really know what exactly I was referring to or why I said dragons or where the dragons came from, etc. Be vague if you need to share, but don't spoil.


  1. I totally agree. I tend to avoid social media if it's something I love watching.

  2. That stinks! I saw that episode, so I know what you're talking about, and that would really bother me as a spoiler. Takes the tension out because you know it's inevitable.

    Slight modification: Don't tweet until 2 hrs after it's aired on the West Coast. Protect Hawaii from spoilers, too ;)


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