The Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge, Days 1, 2 & 3

So this started the other day and I'm jumping on the blog bandwagon a little late, but oh well!

Day 1: Fall Traditions

Sundays we usually watch the Dallas Cowboys football game and maybe the game before or after, depending on what we're doing.

We also started the tradition last year of going to the nearby apple orchard (Edward's Apple Orchard, which has been rebuilt after a tornado ripped through it a few years back!). Growing up we always went to the Pumpkin Patch too, so maybe we'll take Jay there this year too and let him pick out a little pumpkin of his own!

I also have to have some pumpkin pie at some point during fall! I LOOOOVE pumpkin pie, however unfortunately for me, hubby doesn't like pumpkin flavored stuff so I can't make yummy pumpkin-related recipes as I have no one to eat it with me... yet (hopefully Jay likes pumpkin flavored stuff!).

Caramel Apple Spice from Starbucks - Hubby and I LOVE this one and we make sure to get a few of them each fall!

Thanksgiving is spent with our families - we alternate each year, as hubby's parents live over an hour away, making it difficult for us to hit up both homes for a Thanksgiving dinner that evening. We also watch the Cowboys game every Thanksgiving (something I've done since I was a kid too!).

Day 2: Fall Clothes/Trends/Make-up

I LOVE boots! I have a cute pair of suede heeled ones I bought on clearance at Kohl's a few years back for like $20 and I look forward to breaking them out each year (although sadly, I couldn't wear them last year cuz I was quite pregnant!). I have to resist to urge to buy various boots I see at stores though as I just simply looooove boots!

Scarves are another fall fashion accessory I've gotten to like the last few years. I don't own too many yet, but they make for a nice accessory with a solid cover top.

Cowl/Scoop neck sweaters. I wasn't a fan at first, but as I've gotten older and my style has changed and matured a bit, I like these sweaters. Layer them with a cami underneath and they're cute!

Day 3: What Do You Do For Halloween / A Halloween Memory

Growing up we would dress up as something non-scary/evil that my mom made us and go trick or treating.

As I got older I would either take my younger sister and cousin trick or treating or stay at home and dress up kinda gothic/vampire-ish to pass out candy.

In college, dressing up in a costume and going to a Halloween party was the norm, and when we had our own apartment, my roommate and I threw our own Halloween parties (that 1st year we dressed up as our WoW characters - me as a human paladin, my roommate as a human mage. It was awesome!).

The past few years hubby and I haven't done much as his family never celebrated it.

This is our first year with a child.

We came to a compromise where Jay could dress up as something not scary and while he's a baby I'd just take him around to our relatives and when he gets a little older, if he wants to trick or treat we'll take him to our church's Truck or Treat outreach event. My mom's been looking forward to making her grandkid's Halloween costumes and well, I've been looking forward to dressing my kid's up as their favorite characters and taking them door to door like my parents did when I was a kid. I'm glad hubby was willing to give in on this one, with me giving in on doing Santa Claus/Easter Bunny/Toothfairy.

I get the original tradition and idea behind Halloween, but little kids don't and I don't want Jay feeling bad nor having it be a fight every year because we wouldn't let him dress up as his favorite movie character and go get candy like most other kids his age.

This year, we're going to dress Jay up as a baby Ewok from Return of the Jedi (awesome, I know!) and I'll take him over to my mom's and aunt's (as they live around the block from each other) and we'll take pictures of how cute he is! I'll definitely post some too!!

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  1. I'm like hubby. While everyone goes crazy about pumpkin flavored everything int he fall (my bf is obsessed with the pumpkin shake at sonic), I'm not a fan. I do however love winter when everything is mint or cinnamon flavored!


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