Payday = Shopping Day!

Today was a good day, in my opinion.

Granted, I was up til 4am cleaning the house and Jay had me back up at 1030am, only taking a 30min early afternoon nap (which I often take with him as I don't get as much sleep as I should), but we had a pretty good day!

I had some errands I wanted to run today since it was payday as well as some grocery shopping I needed to do later with hubby. Jay ate his afternoon meal (chicken & apples puree and a particle bottle) around 3pm and just as I was getting him strapped in his car seat carrier the doorbell rang - it was hubby's employee *finally* delivering our Cowboys jerseys after giving us all the runaround about them for weeks now! So excited though!!! I've never actually had an official NFL jersey so I was excited that hubby finally got one (as our anniversary gift, since my HTC Thunderbolt he got me back in June was an early birthday present!). It fits pretty well, I'd say and I look forward to wearing it on Monday as we watch the Cowboy's home opener!

Jay and I went out to run our errands - our first stop being Target, as I needed to pick up Jay's wipes there (720 wipes - 9 packs - for $13!), see if they had any of the meat & veggie purees left on clearance (I cleaned out the apple & chicken ones they had last week, lol...) and I wanted to see if they had any good handheld vacuums for sale before picking up the one I saw at Bed Bath and Beyond (I don't really have a vacuum to vacuum our stairs - oops!). Got the wipes and then checked the baby food. They didn't have much left in the ones we buy but I learned why they've all been on clearance - Gerber is *finally* putting the 2nd foods meat purees in the 2pk plastic containers that cost ~$1! Yay! We checked Walmart tonight and they don't have them yet, but at least I know Target does (even though their purees are about .10 more). I also found a Dirt Devil handheld for $16 that'll work, but I used a $13 gift card so it's like I got it for only $3! Woot! I also got Jay a plastic orange pumpkin bucket for trick or treat that he LOVED - he didn't want to let it go for the lady to scan it at the register and then he threw a fit in the car when he dropped it while I was driving, lol...

Next stop was Old Navy, as they have their Buy 1 item, get a 2nd for 75% off this weekend! I got 4 different colored 3/4-sleeved shirts for $22.

We walked next door to Kohl's when I spent quite a bit, but got some good deals and basically bought myself a new winter wardrobe (I was very pregnant last winter and I needed some nice, warm clothes to wear to work this year since we have a dress code). Here's some of what I got:
At work we have to wear black on top of anything else we wear so I thought this Candie's poncho top would look cute over one of the 3/4-sleeved tops I bought at Old Navy
This cowl-neck sweater is by It's Our Time and I've bought a few in the past and LOVE them, although my old ones have shrunk and gotten a bit worn. I bought 2 - one in this grey color and another in black so I can wear one to work!
This brown hooded sweatercoat I thought would like nice for casual fall wear or just hanging out around the house, wearing a cami or other shirt underneath it. It's very comfy!
I saw this when I was there the other day and fell in love with it - it's going to be my Christmas top for this year, and we're coordinating red for our family Christmas photo this year too. I figured I could pair it with a pair of nice black pants.

I also bought a couple cami's in hunter green and bold purple as I love the SO brand cami's (they seem to fit me best - no offense, Old Navy!). I saved quite a bit as I learned I was shopping during their Kohl's "Power Hours" sale where you get an extra 10% off each item and I applied for the Kohl's charge card and even though I didn't get approved (yay for buying a house taking a big hit on my credit! lol...) I still got 15% of my purchase just for trying!

After Kohl's we headed out to the mall and Jay fell asleep in the car for a bit for his late afternoon nap and fell back asleep once I moved him to his stroller.

We stopped in at work and lo and behold - we finally got in the baby boy black holiday vests I've been waiting for us to get! I also got him some socks on clearance and a couple long-sleeved graphic tees I've had my eye on for him but have been waiting for the price to drop back down to normal ($6).

I also stopped in to Bath and Body Works as I had a coupon to get a free item of my choice up to $13 if I spent $10, so I got 2 shower gels: Japanese Cherry Blossom and Black Raspberry Vanilla. I also really liked their Creamy Pumpkin candle scent, however I had to refrain from getting it as hubby, like I previously mentioned, isn't big on pumpkin.

We parked by JC Penny as the mall entrance by Sears doesn't have handicapped automatic doors and trying to get a stroller through a normal door is pain and a challenge. On the way in I saw a cute pair of shoes and decided to try them on on our way out. I wasn't a fan of how they looked, despite them being flats with a slight heel. I tried another pair on in which I liked the style, but wasn't a fan of them being straight flats (I need something with a little lift otherwise I feel like I'm walking flat on the ground which I hate when it comes to shoes). I told the salesman I'd think about them and he put them on hold for me - I need a pair of basic black shoes for work as it's getting too cold out for the crocs I wore this summer, I don't always feel like wearing my block heels, and it's not really weather to be wearing my boots yet.

After the mall we went home - Jay did very good up until the end when he started getting fussy as I was trying on the shoes.

Hubby had come home right before we left, feeling sick to his stomach with a horrible headache. Despite the headache, he seemed to be alright so we went out for the evening, getting sushi for dinner (although hubby couldn't eat much) in which Jay seemed to enjoy the little sauce cups as they're the perfect size for his hands! We went to Sam's Club to stock up on groceries, diapers, baby formula and pureed fruits, however it was already 815 and we didn't realize they closed at 830! We hauled butt around the store in record time though, getting most of what was on our list and saving the rest to pick up next door at Walmart.

We were home by 930 and I started putting everything away. Jay was crawling around in the kitchen when he decided to use his walker to pull himself to his knees... and then he pulled himself up to a standing position! I was sooo happy for him, but a little sad too as it means he's getting that much closer to being a "big boy" and doing things on his own!

All in all, despite hubby being a bit sick and only being able to keep liquids down, it was a pretty good day!

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