The Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge, Day 6

 Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge
Day 6: Fall TV Shows

2 Broke Girls
(new) Mondays, CBS
Not sure if I like this one or not yet - Kat Dennings stars as a career waitress in a New York diner and is paired with a new waitress who just happens to be a former city socialite and heiress. It was decent and a bit funny but I haven't made up my mind on it yet.

New Girl
(new) Tuesdays, Fox
I LOVE Zooey Daschenel so of course I had to check this one out. And I wasn't disappointed - I was laughing althoughout the episode! It's cute and hilarious too! I definitely hope this one sticks around for a few seasons!

Up All Night
(new) Wednesdays, NBC
This one stars Christina Applegate, whom I'm a fan of, and being that it's a show about a couple of new parents, not to mention Applegate and myself are both fairly new parents, I just had to check this one out. And I'm enjoying it! The show's cute and easy to relate too (for parents that is).

Thursdays, NBC
Still one of my favorite shows on TV and this season, starting with the opening song and dance number, has me cracking up so far! Glad to see it back for a 3rd season!

The Office
Thursdays, NBC
Since it's an ensemble cast, it can easily keep going without Steve Carell as the boss. Not sure how I feel about James Spader joining the cast - he's a bit odd, random and creepy... should be interesting to see how things pan out though and how long they'll continue to keep it going. People say it went downhill after season 3... hubby and I didn't start watching til the end of season 5 though and we still enjoy it! Hopefully season 8 won't be the last!

Still to watch...

Glee (Tuesdays, Fox)
I know it premiered last week, but I haven't had a chance to find a way to watch it yet (I hear it's finally on OnDemand, so maybe I'll check that out tomorrow night).

The Walking Dead (Sundays, AMC)
This one premieres mid-October. We watched the short, 6-episode 1st season last year and really enjoyed it! Glad to see it's back for a 2nd season!


  1. I love Glee. Can't wait for tomorrow!

  2. Yeah! Yeah! It really helps a lot. Thanks for sharing this and teaching some of your idea's.


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