Blasting your music while driving PSA

I know when it's really nice out people tend to drive with their windows down (or if you're like me and have no AC in your car you drive with them all down when it's super hot out!). And I know that when you're driving with the windows down you need to turn your music up a bit to hear it over the traffic.

But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure you're not blasting something that most people with a brain or little kids in the backseat would find horribly offensive.

Case in point:
I was out with Jay the other day, the weather was in the mid-70s and we were driving home. I also had my window down as we drove. As we pull up to a stoplight we get stuck sitting next to some guys who looked like they were trying to be Lil Wayne and were BLASTING some terrible, terrible rap song. I didn't understand much of it, but the lyrics I did hear and understand included repeat uses of the "N-word", as well as f*ck, sh*t and there was some talk about "eating p*ssy".

Is that REALLY appropriate to be blasting out of your car speakers??? I mean seriously!

I would have rolled up my window, however as loud as the guys had it, I really doubt it would have made much of a difference as my windows aren't sound proof/resistant/whatever.

While I'm not easily offended, I admit, I was annoyed about it. However I'm just glad Jay isn't old enough to understand any what was being played nor did he really seem to notice it. But for little kids somewhat older than him...? I would have been horrified!

"Mommy... why do they want to eat the pussycat? And what's a n*****?"

Yeah, try explaining that to your little kid who wants to know about anything and everything.

Sure, kids will be exposed to that stuff at some point - you can't shelter them forever - but you do want them to keep a bit of innocence until they're at least old enough to understand that certain things shouldn't be repeated and that some things are a bit inappropriate for public settings.


  1. I am totally with you on this. If someone wants to listen to offensive music, they should keep it to themselves.

  2. Haha, pussycat. That's funny. I agree with you, though. That guy should have had HIS windows up, if he didn't. Eh.


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