Fun with Our Phones Monday #10

Today was Halloween and Jay's schedule was a bit off so naturally I'm not getting on here til after midnight - oops!

Here's photos from this past week:

He pulled his blankie off the table and decided to carry it around like this, lol...

Fell asleep in the shopping cart at Walmart

Trying some broccoli and pasta!

I went to pick him up from my mom's after PT and he was konked out on the couch like this
Definitely one of the grandsons in our family - he LOVES Thomas the Train and gets excited when the theme song comes on.

"What's this you've given me, mommy?"

He's been having fun playing with my small pot and other safe kitchen items!

He fell asleep in the car on the short ride from the mall to Target and was still pretty much passed out when I got him in the shopping cart, so to make it easier and let him sleep a bit longer I figured I'd just prop the diaper bag up like a pillow, lol...

He's been a bit of a bookworm this week, actually having an interest in his board books!

Snuggled up with daddy while we wait for a table.

Hubby's birthday was Sunday (28!) and since the Cowboys had the Sunday night game we decided to go out of his birthday dinner on Saturday night, as he wanted to go to Joe's Crab Shack in the Chicago suburbs. It was a fun place, with a fun atmosphere, despite getting stuck with a waiter that was a bit of a crab (compared to all the other more friendly waiters in our area).

Sunday after church we went to Texas Roadhouse with hubby's parents. I mentioned early on it was his birthday and before he left they did the "yeehaw!" thing and got him to sit in the birthday saddle, lol... You can see Jay off to the side in the picture too, lol...

Jay's seen his Grandpa J several times lately... he hasn't been screaming his head off at least when he holds him, which is good!

Hubby's getting himself the Samsung Galaxy Nexus which is supposed to be out soon, which is his main birthday present but I had to get him something to open on his actual birthday so I got him a big thing of his favorite brandy and replacement Cowboys lanyard for work as his old one broke.

Hubby's small birthday cake, as he didn't really want a cake but you need SOMETHING for your birthday! So I got him a small, 4 piece cake.

Jay liked eating some of daddy's cake!

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