Jay's 1st time at Chuck E Cheese!

I probably should have posted this last weekend but I was just sooo busy with the holiday and work... this past weekend was quite busy!

"Chuck E Cheese! Chuck E Cheese!"
Anyways, last Wednesday we took Jay to Chuck E Cheese for the 1st time, at the request of my college roommate's fiance. They were in the area this past week for the holidays, visiting her family, and I had requested they meet up with us at some point (I really am thankful that my out of state friends still make time to visit with me when they're in the area!). Her fiance really wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese and requested to take Jay so he wouldn't seem weird going there sans kiddo, lol...

It was fun, but boy has that place changed since we were kids!

I don't know how your Chuck E Cheese was where you grew-up, but the one here was in separate rooms - you walk in and there's the register with the prize stand by the door as well. Then there was the arcade-type game room with the skee-ball lanes. Then there was a smaller kid area and some tables. Then there was another room with the main dining room and the stage with the animatronic Chuck E Cheese characters... and then there was another room where the tubes, slides and ballpit was.

Yeah... all the walls, dividing up the rooms, are gone. The ballpit is gone (thank God! I've heard and read about too many horror stories with those!) and there's a tube that you climb up and you can go in a few different tubes that are up in the area and one is connected to a slide - it's very compacted in a corner of the now very open huge room! It was sooo weird!

Anyways, we took Jay and he seemed to have a blast! He LOVED the kiddie car rides - there was one where you can take a picture with Chuck E and another that was Bob the Builder themed which Jay LOVED! I have no clue how many tokens we spent on that, lol... and once hubby showed Jay there was a button to push on it that made noises, that was all he wanted to do on the ride!

Riding with Chuck E.!
Picture of the crappy quality photo the ride takes, lol...
It was cute enough to hang it on my fridge though!

"Can we drive it? YES WE CAN!"
Winning tickets with daddy.
Playing with the token cup while mommy shows off our ticket receipt

We all shared tokens - hubby and I got 168 tickets (I hit a lucky streak playing Skee-ball!) and got Jay a blow-up mini guitar, a bookmark and some Fun Dip for myself! Jay also liked the token cups so I snagged a few of those on our way out so he can play with them at home.

We went at 8pm on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving so it wasn't very crowded at all - only 2 other families and none of the kids were close in Jay's age so we didn't have to worry about sharing the rides he was hooked on, lol...

I definitely recommend checking their site for coupons before you go though, as the prices are a bit steep! We got a large pizza with 4 drinks and 70 tokens for $29.99, plus my friend's fiance spent probably $10 or so to get another bunch of tokens. It was a fun 2 hours though!

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