2 Become 1

I did it.

After some thought, I decided to merge my family/mommy/baby blog into this one.

As I'm sure you've noticed, it's gotten harder to keep all that separate when posting here my world pretty much revolves around Jay. So I decided to just merge my 2 blogs together and all posting will be done here from now on (aside from my movie reviews, which I haven't updated in forever, but can and will still be found on Movie Bits). Plus, half the time I was posting the same posts on both blogs.

While not every post will be baby/mommy/family related, I understand if you choose to no longer follow my blog (although I wish you would stick around and still be my friend!!!)

I apologize if your feeds got flooded with a bunch of "new" published posts as I imported and published many posts from my family/baby/mommy blog over to here so I wouldn't lose them completely.

And forgive the construction too - as you noticed (if you're not reading via a reader) I changed the color scheme here back to the original colors and I plan on creating another custom header like I had originally, so I apologize if things look a little plain around here!

Thanks for reading and I hope you stick around!


  1. I'm sticking around:) for some reason it wasn't showing I was following, so I added you again. Have a great weekend!


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