One Tough Cookie

Little Mr. Tough Guy!
Now that Jay's mobile, if he's not napping or in his playpen you most likely have to keep a good eye on him as he's fast. And he likes to get into EVERYTHING he's not supposed to (such as where we keep the laptops charging, my photo albums, the books on the bookshelves, or the cord to the floor lamp). And with him cruising along the furniture now he's gotten a few bruises from falling into the coffee table or banging his head on the floor when he loses balance.

I came home from work Tuesday night and just as I was coming in from the garage, I hear my mom say "You're probably going to fire me from babysitting..." (on nights I work, she watches Jay til hubby gets off work around 6 and brings him home, and then since he has to leave for his night job by 10 and I don't usually get home til just after 10 she comes over to watch Jay for about a half hour or so).

Well, we can say Jay's shed blood for the 1st time.

My mom was watching him play in the family room and he was playing with the toys on his activity table (which is low to the ground) when he decided to climb across it to reach the floor lamp cord behind it. The activity table sits next to one of our bookshelves though and my mom thinks his foot slid on one of those small animal blanket loveys we have a few of, losing his footing and he banged his face near his eyebrow on the edge of the bookshelf!


The damage, after we cleaned up most
of the blood
Granted, there wasn't much she could have done to prevent it. I was just annoyed though as it was the night before his check-up and yeah... don't want medical people thinking I'm abusing my child - we already had visiting nurses check-up on us for a few weeks after his week-long stay in the hospital. Don't need that again!

She said it happened about 10 minutes before I got home and was bleeding quite a bit but had mostly stopped. I cleaned up the excess on his face with a wipey since we didn't want to use Neosporin for fear he'd rub it in his eye or get some in his mouth.

My mom kept saying he looked like a little pro-boxer or fighter with the cut above his eye like that, lol...

I must say, it looked A LOT better the next day than it did when I first saw it.

Of course as she's showing me and explaining what happened Jay's trying to slide/swing under the bar across the bottom of the kitchen chairs, nearly smacking his head on the floor had I not intervened when I saw it about to happen!

I hope he's not going to be accident prone like my sister was - my mom kept saying his daredevil-ness lately reminded her of my sister at that age!


  1. Lol I'm going through the same thing with Anna right now! She's not walking on her own...she's had too many traumatizing events happen but she's such a clumsy little ox I always have to be right behind her.

  2. Haha, right?? I wince everytime I see him come close to smacking his head or falling over or getting hurt, lol...


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