Update on Cardiology visit

I just want to give an update on how our visit with the pediatric cardiologist went this afternoon.

Jay did pretty good - in the waiting room they had some toys for him to play with while I filled out the stack of paperwork. Some other families with kids came in shortly after we did - one little girl, who I would guess to be maybe 6 months or so older than Jay, came near him to play with the box of giant Legos. Jay saw it and went over... poor girl! Every time she pulled a giant Lego brick out, Jay would take it from her! Ooops! Seems someone needs to learn how to share! At one point she got frustrated and started pulling back when he tried to take one off her - I'm surprised they didn't have a little brawl! LOL... They had toys in the exam room too so Jay played with those while we waited for the doctor to come in, but he got bored quickly and started opening and closing the cabinet drawers under the exam table.

The doc came, listened to his heartbeat and confirmed that there was a small murmur there - he said on a scale of 1-6, with 6 being very loud and 1 being quiet, that he would rate Jay's as a 2. He said that had Jay been fussing or crying during his check-up, odds are his doctor would have never heard it. He explained that there's 2 sides to heart murmurs in babies - 1 could just be innocent and benign, as like I said before, it can be caused by their hearts just pumping so fast to keep up with their rapidly growing little bodies and usually they grow out of it as they grow up. The other side of the coin... it could be something serious, such as a deformity or defect such as a hole in his heart (for example), but he said not to worry about that.

He had them do an ultrasound-like scan on his heart, which Jay did well for the most part, despite getting antsy towards the end.

The doctor gave me a brochure on innocent heart murmurs (which he had to go find as the exam room we were in was out of them - he joked at that meaning that it was quite common!) and told me to wait to read it until Friday, as we'll know by then if Jay's is serious or not. He said to consider no news as good news and that if I don't hear anything by Friday to go ahead and read the brochure and I'm guessing we'll just keep a check on it during his regular check-ups.

Thank you so much for all your thoughts and prayers! I really do appreciate it - now to just keep our fingers crossed we don't hear anything bad!

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