A bittersweet goodbye to...

...my winter jackets!

I all excited to wear my winter coats again this winter as I couldn't last year (my baby bump was so big come winter that I couldn't get either of my winter coats to zip up).

In addition to the cute, but larger, maternity jacket we bought last year at Burlington Coat Factory, I had 2 winter coats to wear this year - a black and white heavier coat I bought for cheap at Deb for when it was really cold (cuz it gets in the negative numbers up here in good ol' Northern Illinois!) and a coat, casual black faux leather coat with a black faux fur trim along the hood my mom got me from Hot Topic one year for Christmas.

Both coats I got back in college when I dating my ex, so I'm guessing they were at least 6 years old, if not older, so obviously they've ran their course.

But what really made me realize was when I kept getting this crap all over my car, baby and everything else:
The cause:

My all black, casual one is beyond wearable, as you can see so I'm just going to throw that one out, however the black and white one I think I'll give to Goodwill since it's not too bad...

I went to Old Navy Saturday evening after work, as I have the Old Navy Card now and get an extra 10% off whenever I use it, plus all their coats were roughly 50% off too.

I got this one:

It's similar to my black and white one and is really really warm considering how lightweight it feels!

I'm sad to get rid of my other 2 winter coats (especially the all black, Hot Topic one), but it was time.

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