Forgot to mention this the other night!

Since the theme of Jay's room is Super Mario Bros, he's acquired several Mario-related accents to display in his room (in addition to a few Star Wars ones too!). Some of these are the plush Mario, Luigi and Yoshi dolls that stand less than a foot tall. They currently reside on his changing table along with several other stuffed animals to keep him occupied.

We have Luigi, Mario and Yoshi.
Just need Toad & the Koopa Troopa.
Lately he's been really interested in his Mario plush when I'm changing him, going so far as to flip around trying to reach for it if it's in the corner.

I usually hand it to him, doing the Mario voice, saying "It's-a me! Marrrioh!", Jay laughs and proceeds to stuff Mario's big nose into his mouth.

The other night we go through this routine but as he's about to bite down on Mario's nose I hear him say: "Marrrrrr-oh!"

It was too cute and funny!

I've mentioned before, Jay says random words from time to time - only a few, like "hi" "hey" and "okay" does he ever seem to repeat on a regular basis (he often greets whichever of us gets him out of his crib in the morning with a joyous "hi!!!" or a "heeeeey!!"). I'm guessing this time he was just repeating me, but who knows!

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