Plenty to be THANKful for, Day 5

Manic MotherI thankful I live in the 21st Century because...

...things have come such a long way already in this century.

Women have rights and can vote, work pretty much any job, get an education, and do something with her life outside the home.

Technology has gotten crazy insane too! I mean our grandparents grew up without TVs - just a radio, and those rotary telephones (which I *hated* trying to dial on one, lol...) and even crank phones!

Cars... in the last 100 years cars have come soooo far too!

Honestly, I love all the advances we've made since the 20th century and 100 years ago.

I would have to say my favorite pieces I'm most thankful for are the internet and my smartphone.

The internet helps us keep in touch with friends and family and makes it easy to find almost anything if you need to look something up.

http://ep.yimg.com/ca/I/allthatcellular_2181_546003And my smartphone... honestly, when my brother-in-law 1st got the Samsung Omnia a few years ago, I honestly didn't the see the point - I already had an iPod, a cell phone, a good digital camera, and a computer at home - why did I need a smartphone? But being a mommy now and only really having access to an actual computer when Jay's asleep (unless I absolutely need to do something on it during the day), it's been real nice having access to the internet on my phone. I can quickly check Facebook or Twitter, stay on top of reading all your blogs, comparison shop via the store apps I have, among everything else you can do with a smartphone. I'm also ALWAYS taking pictures of Jay too so not having to haul around a camera with me is nice, plus I can upload them to my family on Facebook right away or text them to my mom or hubby. It's great and I LOVE having it, even though at times I'm probably on it more than I should be...

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  1. Amen for the ladies! I totally had the same feeling on my blog!


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