Tiny Prints Christmas Cards for Bloggers 2011!

This Jay's 1st Christmas so we're looking forward to taking a family Christmas picture (with Tiger too!) in front of our Christmas tree in our new home! We're coordinating red this year and I can't wait to do our Christmas cards!

My family didn't get into the whole photo card Christmas Card thing until I was older and it was more afforadable for the average person/family, however since hubby and I got married, we've done them the last 2 years.

For 2009 we dressed up and took a photo with Tiger in front of our Christmas tree:


And for 2010 we took a photo up in front of the BIG tree at our church (I was almost 8 months pregnant at the time):

Last year I gave Shutterfly's blogger offer a go, and it was a good deal, however they didn't have as good a deal this year.

Tiny Prints on the other hand...

I've heard quite a bit about Tiny Prints this year and decided to check them and their Christmas Card selection out  - here's some of my favorites from their Christmas Card selection:

Christmas Cards Colorful Dreams - Front : Tomato

 Studio Basics: Holiday Photo Cards Chalkboard Stripes - Front : Meadow

 Studio Basics: Christmas Cards Artistic Holiday - Front : Cabernet

 Studio Basics: Christmas Cards Holly Trimmings - Front : White

 Studio Basics: Holiday Photo Cards Striped Frame - Front : Siren

I know for sure I want to do one big photo of our family, and maybe a smaller picture of Jay in his Christmas outfit and one of our house too.

As you can tell, I like to try and keep it holiday festive, with the reds and greens... I also prefer to use the term "Happy Holidays" as I have friends that are Jewish and celebrate Hanukkah instead of Christmas.

Tiny Prints is doing a promotion this year for bloggers that's very similar to the awesome one Shutterfly had last year - apply and get selected to blog about their Christmas Cards and receive 50 FREE Christmas Cards - and they offer a lot of the same stuff as Shutterfly too!

If you'd like to apply to participate in this promotion this year just fill out the form by Tiny Prints here!

It took about a week or so for me to get a response, so don't fret if you don't hear anything right away (I was religiously checking my spam folder, lol...)

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  1. wow...so sweet and gorgeous Xmas Cards, and the best way to start your holidays party's happy Christmas..


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