Shots and snow

Today was a busy day for us.

First off, we had our 1st snowfall of the season, even though it didn't last long - it came down white, but once it hit the ground it became slush and by mid-afternoon it turned to rain. I held Jay up and we looked out our sliding glass door in the kitchen so he could see (granted he was born 2 days after Snowmageddon, but I'm sure he doesn't remember what snow is since he was never really in it). He seemed a bit confused by the white stuff.

Can't wait (well actually, I can since I'm not a fan of cold weather) til our first real snow storm where the stuff sticks and is actually enough to cover stuff and he sees and feels it!

Anyways, Jay had his 9 month check-up today, which I left a half hour early for, giving us extra time not because of the snow, but because for some reason, here in Northern Illinois (where it snows often between November and February and sometimes even into March or April and as early as October) the majority of the cars on the road drive like they've never seen the stuff before - it's ridiculous but it happens. EVERY. YEAR.

Jay fell asleep in the car and woke up as I was carrying him in when the falling snow was hitting him in the face (he was not happy about that!).

His 9 month stats were good - 20lbs 8oz (50th percentile), his head is in the 50th percentile also, his length is 28inches which is a little short but nothing to be concerned about (while hubby's side of the family is all around 6ft or taller, no one in my family is 6ft so it seems Jay is just taking after my side more right now in that department). The doctor got to see him crawl and pull himself up on anything and everything (he literally crawled all over the exam room and I had to pull him away from the trash can and bio-hazard can, lol...) and he was sitting up just fine too so developmentally he's right on track and he said to keep doing what we're doing diet-wise but to go ahead and try to get him using a sippy cup more.

He did hear a slight heart murmur though, which he said isn't too uncommon at his age as their bodies are growing so fast and it's just the heart trying to keep up - he said it's probably benign and nothing to worry about and years ago would have said we'd just check-up on it again a few months, but since we have the resources and technology now to easily check it out he wanted to refer us to a cardiologist just to make sure everything was a-okay. I *really* do hope it's nothing - with his kidney/ureter issue and his week-long stay in the hospital at 3 weeks for eating problems I really don't want to deal with another major medical thing!

Jay got 2 shots today - his last Hep-B vaccine and his 1st flu shot (the 1st one is in 2 parts though so we have to go back next month for part 2). Originally hubby and I weren't sure about getting him that one, and lately I've been torn about it which hubby told me to do what I felt was best. I talked with the doctor about it, explained my concerns and it basically came down to the fact that him getting the flu would be a lot worse than most things you hear about from the vaccine (which he said the majority of the bad that you hear is usually the rarest occurrences, which is a risk you take with anything really). I am staying firm on the chicken pox vaccine though - I just don't see the point in having a vaccine for that and think it's completely unnecessary.

Naturally, he didn't like getting the shots.

He also didn't like his physical exam, with the doctor trying to look in his eyes, ears and nose (although I think part of it was he didn't like being held still, as he's at the point where he just wants to go, go, go!).

They were impressed with how many teeth he has (7 already, and I noticed the whites of 2 on bottom breaking through today!).

He also has this thing lately about opening and closing doors - 1 nurse came in and left the door ajar, Jay quickly crawled over to the door and shut it and then sat in front of it, lol... she was like "Uh... are you trying to lock me in here with you?". (Hubby informed me tonight that Jay followed him into our bedroom while he went to change out of work clothes the other night. Hubby turned the light off when he was done and thought Jay was following behind him... nope! A few moments later hubby heard Jay shrieking from the bedroom - apparently he was playing with the door and shut it while he was still in the room, locking himself in the dark! Oops!).

So, overall things are looking well aside from a possible heart murmur that we're hoping is nothing!

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