"What kind of name is 'Stove' anyway?"

http://images.moviepostershop.com/bridesmaids-movie-poster-2011-1020684370.jpgI got a bit of a complaint, everyone.

This past weekend hubby and I rented the movie Bridesmaids. And it wasn't as funny as everyone made it out to be.

I had been wanting to see this one since it was in theaters, as it was made to sound like it was the female version of "The Hangover" (which was hilarious!). Hubby had no interest in it though as hello, it's a movie about a group of bridesmaids.

Ever since though, I've heard person after person, from relatives to co-workers to some of you in Blogland and the Twitterverse, talk about how funny and hilarious it was... after weeks of suggesting it, I finally talked him into us renting it and watching it together.

And I was sadly disappointed.

There were some funny parts - the part where they're trying on the dresses, the entire scene on the plane, the bridal shower and the part where she's hanging out with the cop or trying to get his attention.

Melissa McCarthy was quite funny though (as expected) and while Kristin Wiig was funny at times, I think I prefer her more as a supporting actress rather than a lead.

But the rest of the movie was just slow, and boring... it honestly didn't get funny til a good 30-45 minutes in - the first part was just dragging and we were both getting a bit bored, but I kept hoping it would get better. I mean, everyone said it was hilarious! Best movie of the year! Just as funny as The Hangover if not funnier!

Yeah... no.

Considering Judd Apatow was involved as well as Paul Feig (I mean c'mon - their show Freaks and Geeks was and is one of my absolute favorite TV shows!), I know what to expect. However this wasn't it. In comparison to other films Apatow's been involved in, I'd rank it up there with Funny People, which was also a disappointment. While it was funny at times, it dragged on quite a bit and at times I found myself bored.

So yeah... Bridesmaids.

I'd say it's worth watching it once, so you can say you saw it and decide for your own, but for me, I was a bit disappointed as it didn't live up to all the hype I had heard from almost anyone and everyone.


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