Target Tuesday #2

It's been awhile since I last linked up with Tara for Target Tuesday, however I frequent Target almost weekly (or at least every other week as right now it's the only place in town that carries the Gerber 2nd Foods meat/veggie and meat/fruit purees in the 2pk with flavors that Jay likes!).

The past few weeks I've visited I've had my eye on some really cute Christmas kitchen towels! During my last trip I narrowed it down and finally picked some, as well as some other fun stuff I found:

  • There's my 2pk of kitchen towels (they have a Christmas light design and come in festive red and green)!
  • A super cute pot holder and oven mitt seat I found for $2.50 in Target's $1 shop (which I LOVE by the way - I've gotten so many board books for Jay for $1 there, among other fun stuff for $1!).
  • Some festive red and white dish towels to match the kitchen towels!
  • And 2 80 pks of gift labels that they had in the $1 shop (there were 4 different variations to choose from!) - I won't use all 160 of them this year, but figured for $1 might as well stock up as I'm at the end of my stash I bought a few years ago =)
Unfortunately, I had to take a picture as I couldn't find most of those items online.

And here's what I'm planning on purchasing when I get my neck paycheck (since the one I just got sucked!):

I saw this when I was browsing their Christmas selection the other day and fell in love - AND IT ACTUALLY JINGLES!!! That's right, it's a tree made out of jingle bells that actually jingle! I found a few similar ones but they didn't jingle... I think the jingling is half the fun! Can't wait to display this bad boy on my mantle this year =)

What have you found at Target lately?

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  1. i love love love that jingle bell tree! it is too cute!

  2. I bought it last week!!! And I LOVE it!! =D


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